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What Might Have Been

Probation agent and offender re-connect on different time.

Submitted by trigudis  04/19/18

The Adventures of Emily Rybolt Ch. 01

Poolside fun between a contractor and a homeowner.

Submitted by Clovis_Wilbourne  04/19/18

Waves of Passion Pt. 01

Alpha, Vanilla, Forbidden Love. Captain of a ship, Fantasy.

Submitted by JWRoan  04/19/18

Ocean Blue

He's hot and she's cold, but can they get over themselves?

Submitted by IamVermilion  04/19/18

The DReAMers Pt. 06

End - Love story about a boy, a girl and her Time Machine.

Submitted by Ian56  04/18/18

Doris's Wartime Valentine

The third and final perspective of wartime liaisons.

Submitted by Bray123  04/18/18

Random Adult Romance

The Boys' Bet

You bet what?

Submitted by BurningAngel  08/15/10

The First Visit

They meet in his dorm room after months of talking.

Submitted by iacas  01/10/03

Two Divorcees Connect

It began with a wink.

Submitted by Egmont0409  08/15/09

His Healing Touch Ch. 02

Callie is rescued.

Submitted by ComeBackToMe  02/25/05

Saved By The Belle

A rescue leads to meeting life-long love.

Submitted by hollyh  07/07/06

Flower Ch. 03

Where there's life, there's love. And hate.

Submitted by SomeSayLove  01/06/16

Lydia's Dream Ch. 09-10

Knowing may be worse that not knowing.

Submitted by memorable_event  11/06/14

Happy Licking

I enjoy licking Summer

Submitted by qarlcue  01/01/13

A Moment For Them Alone

Affair is finally consummated they way they wanted it.

Submitted by ArchangelGabriel  07/06/01

Summer Dances

An energetic dance turns into a thrilling time in bed.

Submitted by ClothAuthor  07/13/08

More Random Romance

Romance Hall of Fame

The Link Pt. 02: The Hunted

A strange tale of the future of humankind.

Submitted by DreamCloud  05/20/16

The Rehab

Following one's dreams.

Submitted by DreamCloud  12/23/14

Together—You and Me - The Epilogue

PTSD are whispers in the dark. Will Amy's voice be heard?

Submitted by rwsteward  02/11/13

The Link Pt. 03: The Huntress

A strange tale of the future of humankind.

Submitted by DreamCloud  10/08/16


Stalingrad to Ankara.

Submitted by Todd172  03/17/18

Days Forgotten but Not Lost Ch. 08

Why does getting answers just lead to more questions?

Submitted by nageren  06/10/15

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