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Expanding Horizons

Rachel's date night steams up and opens some new doors.

Submitted by JMayes  07/15/18

An Arranged Abduction Pt. 02

Kate's pseudo captors take her on a sexual discovery.

Submitted by The Big Bopper  07/14/18

Jenna Gets What She Wants Pt. 01

18-year old Jenna hopes to seduce an older man.

Submitted by holes  07/14/18

Suzanne's First Photoshoot

Suzanne's relationship with Gary develops.

Submitted by Mersault159  07/14/18

Her Roommate's Visitor

A woman finds out her dull roommate has a wild friend.

Submitted by thekestrelkid  07/14/18

A Christmas Temptation

A deserved spanking gets out of hand when Rachel arrives.

Submitted by MarsBenway  07/13/18

Random Anal Stories

My Best Friend's Girl

My best friend's girl and other complications.

Submitted by Dolma Kalem  09/14/02

A Night Alone

She finally gives him what he wants.

Submitted by AmythystDawn  04/02/04

Cautious Smiles Ch. 03

Chloe finds pleasure in anal sex.

Submitted by xiola-blue  11/19/06

Boarding School Ch. 01

Rob and Amanda study for biology.

Submitted by pr0nnage  01/09/07

My Bitch is Black Ch. 05

Big Black Woman meets Big Black Man.

Submitted by Samuelx  01/23/08

Surprise Interruptions Ch. 03

Lisa is finally taken.

Submitted by PanamaJaxxx  11/13/11

One Last Time

Couple have wild sex in a cave.

Submitted by Blackened_Innocence  09/23/12

Melanie Loves Anal

Melanie has her first bout of anal sex on her birthday.

Submitted by BarbraNovac  04/04/13

I Kind of Missed You

She planned a surprise for her lover.

Submitted by PiercedBlossom  03/11/14

You Shouldn't Be Here

Stephanie and Max with Janet.

Submitted by geronimo_appleby  02/17/15

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Anal Hall of Fame

Loopholes Ch. 02

Tessa has an amazing surprise for Nick...

Submitted by ZenZerker  02/15/18

Adult Education

Amy asks Eric to teach her a thing or two. He learns.

Submitted by Antonio_y_Cleopatra  09/09/12

Buttfuck Buddies Ch. 02

Ashley joins Nick and Mia...

Submitted by ZenZerker  05/09/15

Breakfasts with Tiffany

Relaxing naked is one thing, but with company...

Submitted by LexxRuthless  07/05/18

Sex Dungeon

Trevor is dying but given a chance to give his life meaning.

Submitted by Lost Boy  03/10/17

What a Travel Day

You never know when your day is going to turn around.

Submitted by tuiKwndrC1  06/15/17

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