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Big Bang Theory Season 08 Ep. 26

Leonard and Sheldon have the time of their life in Chicago.

Submitted by baranbrat  03/26/19

Kinky Khaleesi Pt. 02

I fuck both Holly and Emilia at the same time.

Submitted by ObsessedWithWomen19  03/26/19

League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Ch. 02

Emma Watson and Sheena's adventure in Africa.

Submitted by 123z  03/26/19

Our Family Bond

Oprah Winfrey is my super sexy mom.

Submitted by DickThePimp  03/26/19

The Dragonborn Comes Ch. 20

The Dragonborn makes a tough choice then enjoys a fourth.

Submitted by unknownauthor29  03/26/19

Harry Styles - Instant Attraction Ch. 09

It's Harry's turn to do something Tahiti.

Submitted by sweeter_sensations  03/25/19

Random Celebrities Sex Stories

No Ordinary Love Ch. 07

They go to L.A.

Submitted by JAYCE73  09/20/02

Princess Peach's Story

An erotic twist on some Mario Bros. plotlines.

Submitted by CuriousLittleBird  04/21/03

Pleasing Nick

When Jessica's away, Ashlee will play.

Submitted by jessy19  08/27/04

Enterprise: Between the Scenes 02

Hoshi encounters more aliens in Fight or Flight.

Submitted by philsogood69  05/08/05

Ring, Girl, Whip

Gorean fiction of ancient city of ruins.

Submitted by Alii Nui  08/25/05

Beautiful Liars

Camera man hooks up with Shakira & Beyonce on set

Submitted by Kash_the_priest  05/23/07

Horse Whisper

Magical things happen when two friends come together.

Submitted by MarlenaMarr  12/09/07

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 05

Trip and Malcom take a break.

Submitted by tcwild100  07/04/09

You Belong with Me Ch. 02

Joffrey and Annie meet again.

Submitted by Marines_Lady_15  09/16/09

I Saw This Giant Saucer

A man gets abducted by a UFO for an unusual purpose.

Submitted by runningonblade  11/11/12

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Celebrities Hall of Fame

Mile High with An Angel

A business trip leads to an encounter with a supermodel.

Submitted by TallMarriedMan  02/07/18

There and Back Again Ch. 111-112

Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.

Submitted by ElyssaCousland  01/15/17

Surefoot 05: Secrets & Lies Ch. 03

Chapter 3 of 3: Truth Be Told.

Submitted by Surefoot  03/03/17

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 32

A journey's end and a new beginning.

Submitted by psyche_b_mused  09/17/12

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 02

Another bout of good old fashioned unwholesome fun.

Submitted by Enithermon  01/17/09

Dark Miracle

A twist on Feehan's Dark Series for Halloween.

Submitted by WickedWendyDru  10/07/10

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