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My Angel

An Angel in a Graveyard.

Submitted by Jimjonk  03/25/19

Curious Case of a Horseless Headman

In Stuart times Witchfinder General finds Satanic Possession.

Submitted by Spencerfiction  03/22/19

Beloved Daughter.

A story of blood and madness.

Submitted by angiquesophie  03/20/19

Guilt and Lust

Sarina - Addiction, compulsion, obsession and so much more.

Submitted by JoeDreamer  03/20/19

Midnight at the Villa Diodati

A Tale of Gothic Romance and Horror

Submitted by ChloeTzang  03/20/19

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Danny had killed 10 times. On reflection was that bad?

Submitted by MattblackUK  03/20/19

Random Erotic Horror Stories

The Nightmare

Sandra & the demons.

Submitted by lilith1979  10/18/04

The Alter Ch. 03

The altar finishes with her altering her into hell's whore.

Submitted by HellcatKitten  03/05/05

The Club At The End Of The World

A man claims back his life by risking it.

Submitted by clampit45  10/09/16

Beyond Nocturne Ch. 06

In the dark, things begin to clarify.

Submitted by bluefox07  11/02/06

When-And-Where You Are...

Blood of a Martyred Saint.

Submitted by Unsung Muse  01/27/07

Father, Forgive Me

A woman running from a cursed town enters a church.

Submitted by Sean Renaud  12/03/09

The Daughters of Bloodwine

The lost children of a decadent and murderous royal family.

Submitted by gypsyblackthorne  10/20/11

Under My Skin Ch. 05

The story continues...

Submitted by Wolfblackthorne  12/23/12

Farmer's Daughter

She is not what she seems.

Submitted by authorguybailey  10/28/13

The Wallflower Ch. 03

Lily must appease the Spirit.

Submitted by BlessingAndCurse  07/17/14

More Random Erotic Horror

Erotic Horror Hall of Fame

Falling Snow Ch. 05

Fights and Gardening.

Submitted by NightPorter  08/30/17

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 07: The Proposal

After talking to Lilith, Patrick has a question for Nessira.

Submitted by maestro84  06/22/18

That Old House

He got more than a house - for better or worse.

Submitted by Tx Tall Tales  10/23/13

Purely Sinful

A detective in Chicago makes a deal with a sexy succubus.

Submitted by Rozalin_0123  10/07/14

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 04: Night w/Nessira Ch. 04

Nessira goes to rescue Patrick, with some help.

Submitted by maestro84  12/17/17

Date with a Drifter

Matt hits it off with a biker, but she has a dark secret.

Submitted by Snekguy  11/08/17

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