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Irdu-Lili - Dead Goddess Pt. 02

Kilili is entrapped by the followers of the murdered goddess.

Submitted by LilithHerald  09/23/18

The Possession Ch. 03

Possession becomes complete with her mother.

Submitted by beaverhunt  09/22/18

Irdu-Lili - Dead Goddess Pt. 01

Levant and Kilili encounter a mysterious party.

Submitted by LilithHerald  09/22/18

Carnal Castle - Derrek's Story Ch. 01

Derrek stumbles upon a vampire coven with a sexy ritual.

Submitted by TheMadProfessor  09/21/18

The Possession Ch. 02

She includes her brother as the possession worsens.

Submitted by beaverhunt  09/21/18

Succubi: Julie

Julie gets turned.

Submitted by Vwatcher1  09/21/18

Random Erotic Horror Stories

Young Blood Ch. 01

Vampire Tales, present: Vincent's story.

Submitted by icehead  06/25/04

The Little Mermaid

A twist to the classic tale.

Submitted by Spearsis  03/10/07

Delivery Special Soap

Man suffering from nightmares is given a special massage.

Submitted by manyeyedhydra  12/05/08

Runner Ch. 04

A show down with the good doctor.

Submitted by Daniellekitten  08/07/09

Panty Horror

Two young vamps target a seemingly defenseless man.

Submitted by coldfire69  10/07/09

DPS Chronicles Ch. 01

The horrors behind innocuous faces.

Submitted by thedpstimes  07/09/10

I Love Halloween

A deformed guy finds love in the maze.

Submitted by sagacious21  10/07/11

Dancing With The Dark

He's a hybrid, she's a tracker who's world will change.

Submitted by wolverine7009  01/22/12

The Change

Werewolves, Love, Sex, Humor and Action in modern day.

Submitted by Lycandope  10/03/12

The Curse of Saint Valentine

Sin and secrets beneath the streets of Rome.

Submitted by TamLin01  01/27/14

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Erotic Horror Hall of Fame

Purely Sinful

A detective in Chicago makes a deal with a sexy succubus.

Submitted by Rozalin_0123  10/07/14

That Old House

He got more than a house - for better or worse.

Submitted by Tx Tall Tales  10/23/13

Falling Snow Ch. 05

Fights and Gardening.

Submitted by NightPorter  08/30/17

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 01

A legendary enemy invades the Iron Crowbar's turf.

Submitted by WifeWatchman  05/16/18

(S)He Who Brings the Rain

A virgin is taken by a God to help save her people.

Submitted by inka  11/02/17

Date with a Drifter

Matt hits it off with a biker, but she has a dark secret.

Submitted by Snekguy  11/08/17

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