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Interview with the LVCs 04

Farah the Predator.

Submitted by Player0  07/18/18

Lilith's Emporium - Shadows Fall Ch. 01

Nessira discovers Kevin, dark forces come for Shadow, & more.

Submitted by maestro84  07/17/18

Sherry's Special Brew

An inn offers a very special brew to a huntsman.

Submitted by jayaurysmut  07/17/18

Passion and Death in Ferrara

A music student is magically transported back in time.

Submitted by virusman  07/16/18

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 04

A man doesn't realize what happened to his fiancé.

Submitted by maestro84  07/15/18

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 03

Nessira summons a demon for help, but gets tricked.

Submitted by maestro84  07/14/18

Random Erotic Horror Stories

Habit of A Lifetime Ch. 04

Rayne takes Si's appetite to the edge.

Submitted by SadieRose  02/22/04

Ghost Hubby Haunting Ch. 02

Conclusion to the haunting and revenge.

Submitted by SEVERUSMAX  08/14/05

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 01

A demon takes revenge on his mother and abortionist.

Submitted by SEVERUSMAX  10/01/06

Laundry Tales 02: Riding for a Fall

Martha encounters George the assistant huntsman.

Submitted by jeanne_d_artois  10/15/06

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 01

Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort.

Submitted by PrincessErin  10/02/08

A Succubus for Valentine's Day

Succubi make bad Cupids.

Submitted by manyeyedhydra  01/21/09


Evil in Edwardian South London.

Submitted by geronimo_appleby  06/21/10


She could not deny him what he wanted.

Submitted by Bakeboss  11/12/10

Taken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 08

The Dream that would change everything.

Submitted by ravenwings  06/20/12

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

Tom discovers the source of his terror.

Submitted by Kingmaker711  05/10/13

More Random Erotic Horror

Erotic Horror Hall of Fame

Purely Sinful

A detective in Chicago makes a deal with a sexy succubus.

Submitted by Rozalin_0123  10/07/14

That Old House

He got more than a house - for better or worse.

Submitted by Tx Tall Tales  10/23/13

Slender Man Ch. 04

Solution; it's Slender Man vs. the Iron Crowbar...

Submitted by WifeWatchman  05/20/17

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 01

A legendary enemy invades the Iron Crowbar's turf.

Submitted by WifeWatchman  05/16/18

Date with a Drifter

Matt hits it off with a biker, but she has a dark secret.

Submitted by Snekguy  11/08/17

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 04

Michelle gets her revenge on Leyna.

Submitted by Kindasortacrazy  12/02/12

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