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The Witch's Dollhouse Pt. 05 - Finale

Will Philip escape or will he finally succumb to Cecilia?

Submitted by KennyCumBuckets  06/26/19

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 05

Brooke revisits Jeff.

Submitted by Southernman15  06/26/19

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 04

Jeff finally gives in to Brooke.

Submitted by Southernman15  06/25/19

City of Angels

Young & beautiful? Come to LA for fame & riches. And nudity.

Submitted by PennameWombat  06/23/19

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 03

Brooke gets a small snack.

Submitted by Southernman15  06/23/19

Before Sunrise Ch. 01

A 21st Century Phantasm meets an alluring human female.

Submitted by RockStarGod  06/22/19

Random Erotic Horror Stories

Dangerous Longings Ch. 07

The final installment of this tale.

Submitted by Master_Vassago  01/05/04

Jack be Nimble: Dinner with Jill

On to the main course.

Submitted by Tyler_H  10/04/04

Who Killed Lois Laynes?

A Halloween murder mystery for readers to solve.

Submitted by sack  10/18/04

Englishman In New York Ch. 10

Detective Sutton is hi-Jacked.

Submitted by velvetpie  03/01/05

The Vampire's Buffet

The nearby women's dorm provides for all his needs.

Submitted by Boxlicker101  10/05/06

When-And-Where You Are...

Blood of a Martyred Saint.

Submitted by Unsung Muse  01/27/07

Runner Ch. 03

Engagement rings and Nightmares.

Submitted by Daniellekitten  05/22/08

To Wake The Dead

Gina finds herself fighting through a zombie infestation.

Submitted by Morbid_Saint  11/05/08

A Night's Tale Ch. 05

Revenge takes time.

Submitted by Domwoolf  03/08/11

TnT Ch. 06

Talon and Thorne are finally brought in for questioning.

Submitted by slyc_willie  07/02/13

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Erotic Horror Hall of Fame

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 06: Lilith Returns

Lilith returns to see Nessira, and answer a summoning.

Submitted by maestro84  06/17/18

Purely Sinful

A detective in Chicago makes a deal with a sexy succubus.

Submitted by Rozalin_0123  10/07/14

Falling Snow Ch. 05

Fights and Gardening.

Submitted by NightPorter  08/30/17

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 07: The Proposal

After talking to Lilith, Patrick has a question for Nessira.

Submitted by maestro84  06/22/18

That Old House

He got more than a house - for better or worse.

Submitted by Tx Tall Tales  10/23/13

Lilith's Emporium Pt. 04: Night w/Nessira Ch. 04

Nessira goes to rescue Patrick, with some help.

Submitted by maestro84  12/17/17

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