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Bellway Ch. 05: Misery

Trials and tribulations for Miss Susan.

Submitted by AlinaX  09/21/18

Jesamil and Niomina's Wedding

Hand-fasting ceremony between two loving people to bind them.

Submitted by Pendragon_Information  09/21/18

A Letter to Mama

Man writes how much he loves his mother.

Submitted by Walk86  09/20/18

Bellway Ch. 04: Dinner

Susan takes Charlotte's place beneath the table.

Submitted by AlinaX  09/19/18

Bellway Ch. 03: Heads and Tails

Lady Grey sits on the throne and gets a licking.

Submitted by AlinaX  09/18/18

Random Letters & Transcripts

Confession to a Lost Love

Confession of guilt, apology long overdue.

Submitted by Chicklet  06/09/03

Days End

What a way to end the day.

Submitted by D Ray  07/19/03

A Threesome Request

She writes to her boyfriend about a 3-way tryst.

Submitted by EroticaSeanStyle  10/16/03


Pure fantasy at the grocery store.

Submitted by SpiraLCA  05/09/04

Dear Diary Ch. 05

She finally loses her virginity.

Submitted by Goldeniangel  04/09/06

A Mother's Curiosity Ch. 01

Mom reads from daughter's computer and finds her sexuality.

Submitted by SpankerSam  07/31/06

Crude (Oil) Revenge

Tiger gets his pussy tanked & takes his revenge.

Submitted by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER  06/09/07

In Seat 10B

A letter describing a surprising, sexy event on an airplane.

Submitted by MungoParkIII  09/21/07

Black Cave's Chat

A fiancee's PM chat with her fantasy black man.

Submitted by wife2hotblk  02/26/09


A insect problem gets out of hand for Christina and me.

Submitted by Middleagepoet  10/01/09

More Random Letters & Transcripts

Letters & Transcripts Hall of Fame

The Letters

Two cousins re-enact their grandparents' love letters.

Submitted by Conversations  07/20/16

Literotica Authors 02: silkstockingslover

Interviews with Literotica authors, #2: silkstockingslover.

Submitted by Bob_Aganoush  06/09/17

Where Do We Go From Here?

Open letter to my Literotica family on the ending of an era.

Submitted by Tara_Neale  12/30/14

Until Then

One woman's love, captured in letters.

Submitted by lucky-E-leven  02/23/05

Island Slave Ch. 04

Melanie's Story, Quinn's Heartbreak.

Submitted by dweaver999  11/25/07

Why I Love To Eat You

A husband's essay about how he loves to eat you.

Submitted by MrKitty  07/14/08

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