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Chapter XI: The Maid's Closet

Head Maid Emilia shows Johann her room.

Submitted by SakkaOfPi  09/24/23

Art is My Favorite Class Ch. 06

Cindy and Sarah get round 2, Pete meets some college friends.

Submitted by NaughtyPaladin  09/24/23

Too Good To Be True Ch. 26

Taylor joins the Harem, but Ali catches them in the act...

Submitted by NaughtyPaladin  09/24/23

Young Couples Awakening

Young couple discover each other.

Submitted by mybaby  09/24/23

Only Consenting Adults Ch. 10

Davey has Rosa where he wants her: under his control at last.

Submitted by oneagainst  09/24/23

We're the Millers

Drugs? Hookers? Blackmail? Jed Miller's got ya covered.

Submitted by PennameWombat  09/23/23

Random Erotic Novels & Novellas

Eleven Orphan Daughters Ch. 05

Mature Australian Vietnamese romance.

Submitted by mangrove jack  01/17/05

An Undeniable Passion Ch. 14

Thomas pays a call and Virginia and Billy hunt for treasure.

Submitted by opels  10/04/05

Mrs. G's Odyssey Ch. 01

Wife and teacher gets caught up in students' games.

Submitted by medley  09/07/08

Taking the Risk Ch. 11

Love in the morning.

Submitted by shandal  07/01/09

Challenge Accepted Pt. 01

A cheerleader must be desired & will do anything to control.

Submitted by curiousErres  01/02/13

Brockway Mountain Dove Ch. 01

A young werewolf and his yearning for his decade-long love.

Submitted by KieranSoares  04/15/13

Abby Ch. 14

Abby searches for her roots and finds something else.

Submitted by Kezza67  07/03/13

The Three Dark Angels

The World Known As Magicka.

Submitted by Ozma12533  07/26/13

A Cold Winter's Day

A real life saucy story from last winter.

Submitted by nyuk999  12/11/16

Ally and her Sister Pt. 02

A Surprise in Las Vegas.

Submitted by SierraSprite  01/14/17

More Random Novels and Novellas

Novels and Novellas Hall of Fame

The Irishman at the End of the Bar

Chase Kramner investigates the murder of Willow Goldberg.

Submitted by CaffeineFetish  09/18/19

Without a Whisper

Midge investigates the disappearance of Chase Kramner.

Submitted by CaffeineFetish  06/01/21

Five Stories

Chase Kramner investigates the death of a Hollywood starlet.

Submitted by CaffeineFetish  01/30/23

The Walters Brothers

A prologue to Split Trails Ranch.

Submitted by qhml1  07/08/21

Zane Wayne Pt. 02

Zane & Lindsay's romance continues.

Submitted by Emotional  10/25/22

The Second Booth at Horseshoe Diner

Chase Kramner investigates a possible serial killer.

Submitted by CaffeineFetish  05/12/20

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