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Those Designs You Have on My Throat

Well, if you do enjoy a good face fucking...

Submitted by queenmabroo  07/18/18

Rasheed's First Time

Rasheed badly wants to lose his virginity.

Submitted by SmallPenisMo  07/18/18

Shooter Girl Cecilia: Closet Futa

A closet futa finds herself in an actual closet...

Submitted by solitarycafe  07/17/18

Making a Cream Pie

She turns herself into a real cream pie mess...

Submitted by AdonaisFan  07/17/18

Sex Therapy Hysteria Cure

Beth gets treated for hysteria, learns to love sex.

Submitted by Writer0748263  07/17/18

Joined by the Trainee Pt. 02

The girls take pleasure in abusing his bound, aroused body.

Submitted by William_Wood  07/17/18

Random Fetish Stories

Summer Water Sports

Two good friends, a pool, & all-day orgasms.

Submitted by Amythyst  12/18/01

Milk from My Neighbor Ch. 02

He loves his pregnant, lactating wife.

Submitted by FernieLyn  05/24/08

Lusting My Sister-in-law...Secretly

The lengths I've gone to in my lust for her.

Submitted by Crotchhound  02/11/11

Halloween Delight Ch. 02

It was Friday night, the night before Halloween.

Submitted by The_Blackguard  03/10/10

Tinkle Bell Ch. 02

Saturday proves out to be a most interesting day.

Submitted by Many Feathers  07/20/10

Strawberry Glaze

Champagne on ice and a bowl of lush ripe strawberries .

Submitted by lateniter51  01/23/14

A Visit to a Mistress

Mistress turns the tables on submissive client.

Submitted by fun4all6969  01/08/15

Absolute Devotion Ch. 07

A pizza party could help resolve a number of conflicts.

Submitted by KaseyLegs  10/01/15

Daddy for a Day

A DD/lg story.

Submitted by tru2dagame  03/02/16

Laura the Canvas Pt. 02

Laura's Transformation begins.

Submitted by Tallguy914  07/12/16

More Random Fetish

Fetish Hall of Fame

Master! Master! Pt. 04

A new girl shows up! This isn't funny anymore!

Submitted by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path  02/23/18

Coed Blowjob Buddies

Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys.

Submitted by BuckyDuckman  02/13/14

The Reader

A novelette: a woman is hired to read in the nude.

Submitted by Cervantes1958  08/16/17

Strap-on Secrets

Comforting best friend leads to unexpected secrets.

Submitted by SluttyBisexualGuy  05/28/18

Getting to Know Her

There's enormous boobs... and then there's Jessica.

Submitted by Dilandau  12/22/16

The Saga Continues Ch. 05

Cindy and Callie visit L.A. Somebody gets laid!

Submitted by WifeWatchman  12/21/17

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