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A Son's Virginity: A Christmas Tale

A mom gives her son the best Christmas present ever.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  11/13/18

Gaia's Maidens: Hilda

Hilda's moonlit stroll becomes quite erotic...

Submitted by Grey_Lion_Short_Tales  11/13/18

A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 49

A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 49: "Date"

Submitted by midorigreengrasses  11/13/18

Male Jumper Ch. 03

Our hero makes new enemies and allies.

Submitted by Harryasaboy  11/13/18

Maggie's New Life Ch. 03

Sam turns 18 and learns of his mother slavery.

Submitted by sadkins116  11/13/18

A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 56

A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 56: "Marcel".

Submitted by midorigreengrasses  11/12/18

Random Erotic Stories with Pictures

I Remember Bethany Ch. 03 (Illustrated)

In which Beth goes to the Brown Palace.

Submitted by rondori  01/08/09

Coffee, Tea, or Me? #02

Deedo slept with his curvy coworker last night. Now what?

Submitted by rampant404  09/14/11

Eva's Special Ring

Transformation of a closet sub-slut in the workplace.

Submitted by fastbreakplayer  02/02/12

Jill Ch. 07

Jill's daughter enjoys her mother's stud.

Submitted by lckscknfck7  04/13/12

An Aunt's Embrace

A young niece seeks comfort in her aunt's arms.

Submitted by Corpse_rider  04/13/12

Who's Your Daddy

My auntie thinks she knows.

Submitted by Jasmynn_Brown  12/05/12

Holiday Inn, Rochester

Master SHANGO meeting with a couple.

Submitted by dsoul  02/20/13

Hot at the Beach

The four of us go to the beach and get more than we expected.

Submitted by Hotryder1  02/26/15

1950s: 1st Time with a Girl

Innocent virgin is seduced into a lesbian lifestyle.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  02/05/16

Sink Full of Dishes

A FemSub flash-fiction with accompanying illustration.

Submitted by inkyscandal  05/30/16

More Random Illustrated

Illustrated Hall of Fame

Awakening: 7 Slutty Blackmail Tasks

MILF’s sexual awakening by being forced to do 7 slutty tasks.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  03/13/18

"Family Play": Brother's Lucky Day

Virgin spies on sister & friends and gets lucky.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  07/06/18

Finding Rene

Life imitates art in this romantic and erotic comedy.

Submitted by eclare  07/04/18

"A Shemale Submission": A Lust Story

Author Jasmine falls for a hot new teacher with a big cock.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  01/20/16

A Mom-Daughter Swap: A Welcoming

A mom & daughter are initiated into a secret lesbian society.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  12/01/17

Cheerleader's Mom: Mom's Lap-a-Thon

Submissive Mom has five visits in marathon fuckfest!

Submitted by silkstockingslover  07/22/16

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