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The Long Black Veil

Some men are not so easily gotten rid of.

Submitted by woodmanone  03/20/19

Random Non-Sex Stories

Of Wolf and Man

Love can do strange things to a man. Or a wolf.

Submitted by Phineas  10/06/02

The Moment After

Baseball's biggest night presents unlikely showdown.

Submitted by DekeJeffery  06/25/04

The Nigger's Hands

Breakfast turns into a life lesson.

Submitted by velvetpie  07/29/04

Black Widow

She's pulled his strings for too long.

Submitted by philosopherwarrior  08/27/06


New technology makes wandering girlfriend too easily found.

Submitted by PostScriptor  12/18/08

Sune's Chosen: Commencement

The drow, the paladin, the barbarian. Paths diverging.

Submitted by srhammer8888  10/26/09

Blood Red Roses

A failed reconciliation.

Submitted by trow  08/17/10

No Turning Back

A fall from innocence.

Submitted by SilverKey01  05/27/13

Internal Affairs Ch. 06

Tiny house gets wired.

Submitted by MysteryWriter  08/14/14

Don't Fuck With Me Again


Submitted by Justtoold  09/13/14

More Random Non-Erotic

Non-Erotic Hall of Fame

Painting in Color

Page 2 of The Painting, more of the path back from Cancer.

Submitted by JayDiver  04/03/17

Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 03

Theo triggers some big changes.

Submitted by Latenight_Pondering  03/27/17

A World for the Taking Ch. 09

The last chapter.

Submitted by RipperFish  01/31/18

A Man Among Women

Could a man succeed in company dominated by women?

Submitted by Dinsmore  01/20/06

Bandit - The Prequel

22 a day, minus 1.

Submitted by YouDidWhut  03/01/18

Maryanne's First Kiss

A magical evening and a first kiss from a special boy.

Submitted by Dinsmore  01/30/06

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