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Difficult to Reach Ch. 06

When the weather turns against you, love can still be found.

Submitted by SarahFennel  04/18/18

What went Wrong?

Contemplating on what went wrong in a marriage.

Submitted by B_Bailey  04/18/18

Sheila Ch. 10

A man is hunted for what he has created.

Submitted by Pars001  04/15/18

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?

Submitted by moreandmore  04/14/18

Son of the Mountains

Abandoning home is harder than he thought.

Submitted by PulpWyatt  04/14/18

My Old Comfortable Shirt

What and old shirt can tell us.

Submitted by oldbob68  04/14/18

Random Non-Sex Stories

Embrace The Madness Ch. 01

A Hidden Corruption.

Submitted by KChaos  10/19/16

Lost Empire Ch. 14

A man discovers something that changes his life forever!

Submitted by Pars001  06/15/17

...Of the Life of D

Explaining the madness through the looking glass.

Submitted by aka_Mike  05/20/16

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Ch. 03

The Kreepy Krawl.

Submitted by IceFaerie  05/29/04

Moth Ch. 007


Submitted by ellynei  08/20/10

Grendel Wolde

Grendel Wolde in 1513, or The Guardians of the Valley

Submitted by HartMann  02/29/16

I Thought We Were More Ch. 05

Rose reveals exactly what Jacob was afraid of about Alex.

Submitted by DrElectrogasm  01/26/15

Succubus Wasteland Ch. 04

A succubus and her lover must survive in a dying world.

Submitted by MrGeno86  10/31/16

Black Velvet Ch. 02

Investigating multiple cases as the family mourns their loss.

Submitted by WifeWatchman  03/25/17

Another Place: View from a Bridge

An encounter on a bridge leads to a job in 'another place'.

Submitted by Storm62  09/27/11

More Random Non-Erotic

Non-Erotic Hall of Fame

A World for the Taking Ch. 09

The last chapter.

Submitted by RipperFish  01/31/18

Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 03

Theo triggers some big changes.

Submitted by Latenight_Pondering  03/27/17

Dombo and Angel

Wife prepares to accept his posthumous award.

Submitted by Jeff_Thomas  08/27/13

A Man Among Women

Could a man succeed in company dominated by women?

Submitted by Dinsmore  01/20/06

Four Little Words

A law professor delivers his poignant final exam.

Submitted by Areala-chan  01/16/15

Maryanne's First Kiss

A magical evening and a first kiss from a special boy.

Submitted by Dinsmore  01/30/06

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