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Behind Locked Chambers Ch. 02

Minerva's breeding begins and a revelation is made.

Submitted by FairyMistressSerena  09/30/14

The Making of Vampires Ch. 06

The Hoarding and Martin finds a friend.

Submitted by VRSnow  09/30/14

Stay Ch. 02

The woman changes while her boyfriend watches.

Submitted by Lycandope  09/30/14

Twin Awakenings Ch. 04

Calling all the wolves...

Submitted by WannaPetMyKitty  09/29/14

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 03

Back to the forest, Brianna learns from its so-called demons.

Submitted by Satolep  09/28/14

Stay Ch. 01

A cursed young woman decides to let someone into her life.

Submitted by Lycandope  09/28/14

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

Shower Suprise

Ginger is ambushed in the shower by a monster.

Submitted by Texguy84  06/20/09

Jungle Love

This guy is an animal in bed.

Submitted by whitetiger  09/20/01

Wolf Love Ch. 03

Future plans for Katrina are made.

Submitted by Pretty_In_Pink  03/17/13

Halloween Weekend

She finds him changed.

Submitted by lickthekitten  04/30/11

Choices to Make [Two]

Hard to get ahold of...

Submitted by NaughtyBones  12/03/12

Bob the Blob

A housewife discovers her husband's secret.

Submitted by The_Unicorn  10/02/12

A Hunter Watches Ch. 06

Hunter tells her more of the other wolf he has found.

Submitted by Twisted_Mistress  09/06/07

Starfleet Captive

Klingon captain claims her prize.

Submitted by clcarne  11/25/00

Invasions Ch.03

Welcome to Amirawan, children.

Submitted by Kimaari  07/17/14

It's Always Time Act 02 Ch. 02

Boy meets goo, act two: secret origins.

Submitted by Oblimo  08/13/06

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

The Pandora Effect Ch. 08

Humanity comes with a price that must be paid.

Submitted by boneams  03/27/13

The Witch's Want Ch. 05

The moment when Farah submits and captures her lord.

Submitted by TaLtos6  03/10/12

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 18

Coming home.

Submitted by Elianna  09/04/08

Bound to My Mate Ch. 20

An end to the past and new beginnings.

Submitted by DoctorWolf  01/20/11

When Worlds Collide Ch. 14

I really don't want this to end but....The End!

Submitted by JazCullen  07/08/10

The Council Ch. 15

The Council pays the price.

Submitted by JazCullen  11/10/10

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