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Silver Moon: Bk. 02 Ch. 07

Mousy squad formed, Dan returns.

Submitted by maxd01  10/23/14

Crimson Ch. 19

Mandi makes an example of a father's prejudiced ways.

Submitted by Quixerotic1  10/23/14

The Lascivious Ballroom

Two sex demons have some fun.

Submitted by AutumnsBreath  10/23/14

Halloween Scarecrow

Another Hunt of the Benadanti.

Submitted by Thistlethorn  10/22/14

Factors of Change Ch. 06

A drive in morning traffic, a happy cat, and a plot twist.

Submitted by MarieLyne  10/22/14

Attack of Desire

Kate's mate has his way with her.

Submitted by ScarlettKisses  10/22/14

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

Kaliah and Selena Ch. 01

Warlock reunites with his past love.

Submitted by EternalDayDreamers  02/14/07

Desire of The White Wolf

BBW falls for a man who's part wolf.

Submitted by justboycrazy  03/07/09

The Night After Christmas

Santa gets to relax.

Submitted by DMaster_14  11/11/09

Sylph Esteem

Good deeds can sometimes pay sweet dividends.

Submitted by LesLumens  06/19/14

Beneath a Full Moon Ch. 02

continuing escapades of Shari and her werewolf mistress

Submitted by Luna_Wolf72  07/11/05

Shadow School Ch. 06

The Seven are Chosen.

Submitted by RedHotLadybug  11/05/10

Tentacle Fetish

He thought she had a thing for tentacles.

Submitted by broken_wings  01/05/06

Loss and Remembrance

The best way to move on is to get off.

Submitted by MJ10  07/17/13

Elijah and Lacey

Just when things were going well...

Submitted by Wolfgurl75  09/24/11

The Apprentice Pt. 02

Sara makes a visit to hell.

Submitted by nova2469  02/16/03

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

The Pandora Effect Ch. 08

Humanity comes with a price that must be paid.

Submitted by boneams  03/27/13

The Witch's Want Ch. 05

The moment when Farah submits and captures her lord.

Submitted by TaLtos6  03/10/12

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 18

Coming home.

Submitted by Elianna  09/04/08

Bound to My Mate Ch. 20

An end to the past and new beginnings.

Submitted by DoctorWolf  01/20/11

When Worlds Collide Ch. 14

I really don't want this to end but....The End!

Submitted by JazCullen  07/08/10

The Council Ch. 15

The Council pays the price.

Submitted by JazCullen  11/10/10

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