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Stealing My Heart Ch. 08

Becoming part of the pack.

Submitted by Greenly  03/27/15

Love at Silver Coast a Beach

A heartbroken young man finds love with a strange creature.

Submitted by DrSpidey  03/27/15

Jack's Daily Grind

Jack's new position draws opposition.

Submitted by BurntRedstone  03/26/15

The World Beneath The Waves Ch. 01

Diver discovers more than he ever hoped to find.

Submitted by Venificus  03/26/15

Tammy's Wolf and Mate Ch. 07

Tammy finds herself in a unique situation.

Submitted by sexy_bosoxgirl  03/26/15

Back in Time Ch. 17

Bringing Joy.

Submitted by Morrigan_  03/24/15

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

Conlan & the Tomboy

Liz the Tomboy finds out his secret.

Submitted by S.W.A.T.-Samurai  03/07/06


Young Bajoran officer is interrogated by the Cardassians.

Submitted by Kiall  03/08/02

The Mermaid

Be careful what you wish for.... you may get it!

Submitted by Carnevil9  08/04/13

Hunting the Hunted Ch. 01

His mate is dead and Benjamin is out - but they want him back.

Submitted by syd_v63  10/08/10

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 07

Her sexual adventure continues.

Submitted by Dog2303  12/01/12

My Sentinel Ch. 02

She thanks him for all he has done.

Submitted by baby girl  09/01/05

Clogged & Crammed

Two girls, tentacles, and rough, sloppy, mind-numbing sex!

Submitted by LazyBitch  07/02/14

The Jungle

Vampires and Ancient Burial Mounds, Oh My!

Submitted by LunarKitten  09/30/03

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 15

A New Pack.

Submitted by Sultrychocolatesista  05/25/13

Astrid's Choice

Where do we go when we die?

Submitted by jessy19  10/25/03

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

Mine...Yours Pt. 10

Strange Sleep.

Submitted by payenbrant  03/07/15

The Pandora Effect Ch. 08

Humanity comes with a price that must be paid.

Submitted by boneams  03/27/13

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23

The Coming Storm.

Submitted by JazCullen  12/30/14

Remembrance of Things Past Ch. 02

Late Bloomers.

Submitted by lilgirlsix  11/03/13

Jack's Daily Grind

Jack's new position draws opposition.

Submitted by BurntRedstone  03/26/15

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 18

Coming home.

Submitted by Elianna  09/04/08

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