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Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 14

First Contact.

Submitted by SciFurz  09/23/17

The Vampires of Khartoum

Sudanese Vampire Queen's rise to power.

Submitted by Samuelx  09/23/17

A Were Story Ch. 03

Questions, questions

Submitted by lannasage  09/22/17


A stray catgirl finds a ship & a captain to call her own.

Submitted by dragonfeather  09/22/17

Birthday Oni

A blue oni gets a naughty birthday present in FP POV.

Submitted by SPARTAN047  09/22/17

Chained Heat Ch. 03

Serafina encounters the sexual aura of a pureblood werewolf.

Submitted by ErosinaScarlett  09/21/17

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

Give Me All You've Got

It's a normal day at work for Julia...until He walks in.

Submitted by RightSideOfWrong  08/22/10

Hardened Criminal

Titty fucks can change the heart of a pirate.

Submitted by SPARTAN047  05/25/17

The Toilet Monster Ch. 01

Somebody call the plumber! On second thought...don't!

Submitted by PrevertOne  07/07/12

Zhinv and Niulang. Pt. 04-08

A love story... with a twist!

Submitted by Clare_Ca_2  09/30/09

In The Shadow of The Moon Ch. 07.2

A mating, a joining, a coming together.

Submitted by silentlysilly  09/30/12

Mistress of the Night

An erotic slide into darkness.

Submitted by Lady_Siren  08/08/02

The Dark One Ch. 02

She now carries his child.

Submitted by DirtyAliceBlack  09/11/06

The Vampire's Lust

A bad night made better.

Submitted by FoxMWonderful  01/11/09

Into the Vampire's Lair Ch. 07

Draven and Alaron make their choices.

Submitted by ArtForm  03/23/11

Mood Slime: Red Ch. 01

Doll's doppleganger finds her first victims.

Submitted by maestro84  06/29/16

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Meet the family.

Submitted by bobalous  05/27/16

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 12

The day after God left the building.

Submitted by NovusAnimus  07/13/17

Mine...Yours Pt. 10

Strange Sleep.

Submitted by payenbrant  03/07/15

Mine...Yours Pt. 12

Strange Love.

Submitted by payenbrant  06/13/15

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23

The Coming Storm.

Submitted by JazCullen  12/30/14

The Gift She Gives Ch. 16

Vesper's reaction... not what he expected.

Submitted by sinagainChris12  03/15/16

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