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Agent Alpha Ch. 08

Peters is on to the pack and Rhys and Shepherd form a plan.

Submitted by QueenAnastasia  08/22/14

Succubus Reborn Ch. 03

Iliana takes care of Lauren.

Submitted by nosliwec  08/22/14

Sketch Ch. 06

Hunter cages a female werewolf

Submitted by Lycandope  08/22/14


You know what they say about those with big feet.

Submitted by CQtRose  08/21/14

Sketch Ch. 05

She wants to be a dragon but is changed into something else

Submitted by Lycandope  08/21/14

The Saga of Chelsea Hart Ch. 04

Chelsea is abducted, and is changed forever.

Submitted by hathor0240  08/21/14

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

To Love a Stray Ch. 14

You can't run away from your past.

Submitted by Mygypsy  08/08/12

Fourth Time's a Charm

The cat's out of the bag.

Submitted by tvail  02/14/12

Road to Nowhere

Mark and Susie are lost in the desert...

Submitted by Selena_Kitt  12/31/08

A Rare Breed

Once-in-a-lifetime meeting between unique specimens.

Submitted by Velius Ironhorn  06/22/05

The Back of a Motorcycle Ch. 01

Max meets Tala.

Submitted by Dulcet  08/19/13

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 01

A man on a spaceship remembers as he worries.

Submitted by TaLtos6  12/06/13

The Canyon

Artistic woman is overtaken by wilderness.

Submitted by WillowedCabin  02/07/11

Night Walker's Woman

Ancient forces collide when a shape-shifter finds his woman.

Submitted by Tara_Neale  12/06/12

The Ceremony Ch. 01

She gazed at the monumental cock protruding from the statue.

Submitted by Decayed Angel  11/28/06

A Werewolf's Life

The life and times of a black male werewolf.

Submitted by Samuelx  09/22/08

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 45

What needs to be done & What should never be.

Submitted by TaLtos6  11/22/12

The Witch's Want Ch. 05

The moment when Farah submits and captures her lord.

Submitted by TaLtos6  03/10/12

Remembrance of Things Past Ch. 02

Late Bloomers.

Submitted by lilgirlsix  11/03/13

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 55

The Sexy Son Syndrome explained by a mother to her son.

Submitted by TaLtos6  05/15/13

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 18

Coming home.

Submitted by Elianna  09/04/08

Bound to My Mate Ch. 20

An end to the past and new beginnings.

Submitted by DoctorWolf  01/20/11

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