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Theo, Prequel Ch. 03: Forgiveness...

Theo faces a childhood tormentor; who also faces his demons.

Submitted by EstebanMamono  01/23/18

Nightshade Ch. 06

The first battle of the War between the Great Houses.

Submitted by ARavenInTheNight  01/20/18

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 09

The end of a bad dream and a new love found.

Submitted by EZabbott0421  01/20/18

Scales Ch. 01

Sam massages a regular who wants a little extra.

Submitted by SuckMyPencil  01/19/18

Lily in the Otherworld Pt. 03

Lily's quest continues...

Submitted by zetarion  01/18/18

Seeking Eternity Ch. 08

Shaking up foundations, laying out strategies...

Submitted by silver_firefly  01/17/18

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

Taming the Cat Ch. 01

Alexis tangles with Rider.

Submitted by kitten101  07/27/06

Shadows and Light Ch. 03

Ian must work to earn Isabelle's trust

Submitted by Emerald_Dragon  10/05/07


My love is stronger than death.

Submitted by Lucy1970Harker  10/12/11

Animal Instincts Ch. 02

A fateful meeting.

Submitted by Keme  09/04/10

Deidre & Horny Horny

Lonely woman gets it on with her unicorn.

Submitted by Boxlicker101  01/30/04

Thrice Bitten

Vampire tracks her prey & enjoys his performance.

Submitted by Madam-Cecilia  02/17/01

Cyber Girlfriend

They find love through the computer.

Submitted by Wayne Extreme  04/07/02

It's Always Time Act 06 Ch. 04

A finale of just desserts.

Submitted by Oblimo  12/02/07

Extraterrestrial Romance

She's abducted - and more - by an alien.

Submitted by jade_in_2005  12/17/05

Life Under the Sea Ch. 03

Her old life comes chasing after her.

Submitted by jlynann  11/23/07

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 12

The day after God left the building.

Submitted by NovusAnimus  07/13/17

Jack's Wage Slavery Pt. 02

Jack must position himself for a sacrifice play.

Submitted by BurntRedstone  03/23/16

Mine...Yours Pt. 10

Strange Sleep.

Submitted by payenbrant  03/07/15

Mine...Yours Pt. 12

Strange Love.

Submitted by payenbrant  06/13/15

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Meet the family.

Submitted by bobalous  05/27/16

Jack's Snow Day

Diplomat or vacationer? What a position to be in!

Submitted by BurntRedstone  12/24/16

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