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The Horsewife: Stealing Kisses

A pegasus husband is woken by his ponywife...

Submitted by AmethystMare  11/20/17

Tickle "Torture"

Trapped in a dungeon for tickle torture...

Submitted by AmethystMare  11/20/17

Stallion's Release

At a horse show, a rider must calm his mount...

Submitted by AmethystMare  11/20/17

Sheep and Wolf Ch. 09


Submitted by SciFurz  11/19/17

Swinger's Haven

Swingers in the club swap partners...

Submitted by AmethystMare  11/19/17

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 04

Passions flow from night into the day.

Submitted by EZabbott0421  11/18/17

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

In Search of Innocence

A woman's descent into darkness.

Submitted by unblest  12/15/12

Shadows and Light Ch. 12

Pillow talk and some heart to heart.

Submitted by Emerald_Dragon  11/18/07

Howl of Lust

A young woman is taken by a Werewolf.

Submitted by MisterDevils  08/07/07

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 10

Chris Whelan : Revelations.

Submitted by mokkelke  09/22/10


A cursed man is assailed by a succubus.

Submitted by fearamouse  04/13/16

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 09

Date night.

Submitted by Bellstoires  10/17/12

A Slaying Song Tonight

What really happened last Christmas Eve.

Submitted by Harlock606  11/23/12

Fur Fever Ch. 05

Jacob fights the fever and makes a new friend.

Submitted by blackjack8  05/17/17


Yeah, I was a snake that slithered into her bed.

Submitted by Algonquin Twit  03/21/10


Desire, vampire style.

Submitted by HomerPindar  10/03/01

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 12

The day after God left the building.

Submitted by NovusAnimus  07/13/17

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Meet the family.

Submitted by bobalous  05/27/16

Mine...Yours Pt. 10

Strange Sleep.

Submitted by payenbrant  03/07/15

Mine...Yours Pt. 12

Strange Love.

Submitted by payenbrant  06/13/15

Jack's Snow Day

Diplomat or vacationer? What a position to be in!

Submitted by BurntRedstone  12/24/16

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23

The Coming Storm.

Submitted by JazCullen  12/30/14

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