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Aaron Ch. 21-25

And the story continues.

Submitted by JanuaryMoon1  12/03/16

Cupcakes Ch. 07

Ripping off the bandaid.

Submitted by KindAsCake  12/03/16

Alpha and Omega Ch. 03 Pt. 01: The Double Trap

Bruce walks into a dangerous situation (Part One).

Submitted by DragonCobolt  12/02/16

The Deep Murk

The shallow night envelops all.

Submitted by Consecration  12/02/16

Cold & Native

He fights other's hypothermia and is rewarded.

Submitted by Encased  12/01/16

Jasper the Pervy Ghost

Jasper finds fun in the afterlife playing with woman.

Submitted by TheWarlord  11/29/16

Random Non-Human Sex Stories

The Virgin Bride

A vampire tale with a twist.

Submitted by LittleTom  02/15/06

Black Blood

Vampire hunter has trouble with more than killing her target.

Submitted by SleepingLove  07/01/07

Sex is a Job Description? Ch. 16

All the agents on earth can't save him now. He's in too deep.

Submitted by Galloglaich  09/11/15

Coming of Age Ch. 03

Serenity becomes more.

Submitted by whitesabretooth  09/10/12

60 AD Ch. 01

Utta begins her defiance of Rome.

Submitted by Vlinder_Fawn  07/23/11

Heart of Stone Ch. 22

A new life begins.

Submitted by psyche_b_mused  08/06/09

Jennifer's New Career

Busty Jennifer finds herself nominated for a new position.

Submitted by AlmostTime  11/09/09

Forgotten Past

Werewolves, demons, & one bad-ass babe.

Submitted by Malhi  07/24/02

Malcubus Ch. 02: In the Garden

Temptation, revelation, and transformation.

Submitted by Elecebra  11/13/15

Field Work Ch. 05

The tree takes the unfortunate team administrator.

Submitted by kleve  09/21/03

More Random NonHuman

NonHuman Hall of Fame

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Meet the family.

Submitted by bobalous  05/27/16

Jack's Wage Slavery Pt. 02

Jack must position himself for a sacrifice play.

Submitted by BurntRedstone  03/23/16

Moving On

A ghost has trouble letting go.

Submitted by SRound  10/30/16

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23

The Coming Storm.

Submitted by JazCullen  12/30/14

Remembrance of Things Past Ch. 02

Late Bloomers.

Submitted by lilgirlsix  11/03/13

My Little Ventrue Ch. 10

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Submitted by NovusAnimus  08/11/16

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