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How to Write a Novel

From Idea to publishing. Fun.

Submitted by RC_of_Doom  01/21/11

Who Cares Where a Page Breaks?

My rationale for irritating almost everyone.

Submitted by A_Bierce  03/02/18

If I'm a Whore, All Women are Whores

If all women are whores, then all men are whoremongers.

Submitted by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo  09/12/16

Why YOU Must Enter Survivor 2010

Have you always dreamt of being a writer, then don't miss it.

Submitted by wife2hotblk  01/07/10

Why I Give Head

A bit of emotional exhibitionism about a quirk of hers.

Submitted by StressingAsian  01/30/07

The Anatomy of the Roach

One author's relationship advise.

Submitted by indianaboi33  09/01/07

Do You Bonk, Shag or Screw?

The trials of writing for an international story website.

Submitted by Pussyrider  03/04/08

Sex to Sexty

It's still sexy!

Submitted by Cal Y. Pygia  02/16/12

I Need Help Buying A New Car

Who knows about new cars?

Submitted by PositiveThinker  12/28/09

Review: The Trainer

The third book in the series by Laura Antoniou.

Submitted by lindiana  08/07/05

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Twenty Questions

Jasmine answers questions from readers.

Submitted by silkstockingslover  12/29/17

In Defense of Love

Three hard-learned lessons on what matters most in life.

Submitted by C.C. Rider  02/23/05

A Sub's Eye View of Sub Space

A submissive's sub space experience.

Submitted by sdbnnc  09/10/08

My Cute Stumpy Thick End

Where our sexy words came from.

Submitted by elfin_odalisque  05/22/04

Protection Against Pornography Week

The government wants to protect you from pornography.

Submitted by Selena_Kitt  01/22/08

Biography of a Transexual

Brief blurb with a bit of insight and a bit of sex.

Submitted by Nishta  08/02/07

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