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The Maze Ch. 05: Into the West

A gathering of gods, witches and adventurers in Alba.

Submitted by AlinaX  09/24/23

Myths and Legends - Beastkin Ch. 01

Prologue and Chapter 1.

Submitted by Ghosted1974  09/24/23

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 08

The Summit at Nova City.

Submitted by draconus_infernus  09/24/23

IA: Ari Rescues Gabby from Stables?

Ari negotiates with Gabby's owner.

Submitted by rose362436  09/24/23

Tattooed Woman: Dramatis Personae

As requested.

Submitted by Gortmundy  09/24/23

Becoming Kari Ch. 02

Kari's fantasy gets played out.

Submitted by eagle122999  09/24/23

Random Sci-Fi & Fantasy Erotica


What a spry young velpen you are, Vsrtrm.

Submitted by Truth74  05/19/06

I was Milked for My Sperm

It was many years ago as I recall, when I was in college...

Submitted by quazyqat  01/11/14

Dark Dreams Ch. 05

Half-truths and broken hearts.

Submitted by Desired_Temptation  09/25/14

Campus Life in the Psychic Age

He reads her mind and wishes he hadn't.

Submitted by thisismessedup  11/26/14

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 04

Emily enlists help to face her maker. It's the final fiasco.

Submitted by IAmControl  12/30/15

I Dream of Demie Ch. 07 - Kate and Cat

A newcomer makes magic in the bedroom.

Submitted by Krosis  08/21/17

Hot Kofe

An alien vows to seduce a surly man by any means necessary.

Submitted by Snekguy  04/13/18

Saving Hibreon Ch. 07

Lost's finding herself, but will Kytia & Wy still want her?

Submitted by Guinahart  07/24/20

A Dragon's Tale Ch. 15

Falling in love & flying from fear.

Submitted by Antiproton  09/25/20

Eric Olafson, Neo Viking Vol. 02

Eric Olafson, Volume 2.

Submitted by VanessaRaven  10/09/20

More Random Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Hall of Fame

Roderick and Gorlana Pt. 03

Lost in the wilderness, they come upon a female orc chief.

Submitted by coax_me  10/20/22

Lewd Ascent - A Futa LitRPG Ch. 076-085

In an RPG-like world with something new between her legs.

Submitted by winterwhereof  08/05/23

Walking an Endless Path Pt. 02

Joseph Neumann's visit to Hollywood begins with a bang!

Submitted by BurntRedstone  08/30/23

All That Glitters Ch. 60

A threat forms, a project completed, the Resestess is found.

Submitted by bigtddybr  08/13/23

The Tattooed Woman Pt. 34

Shadows of Wrath.

Submitted by Gortmundy  07/27/23

Lewd Ascent - A Futa LitRPG Ch. 016-025

In an RPG-like world with something new between her legs.

Submitted by winterwhereof  07/26/23

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