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Taking Donna's Dick

A sissy taken by his female lodger.

Submitted by Caron  01/20/18

Craigslist Encounters Ch. 01: Craigslist Cumslut

Jake searches Craigslist and finds a ladyboy Mistress.

Submitted by xploring96  01/20/18

God's Design Ch. 03

Our hero gets to grips with his new dick.

Submitted by Banjosack  01/20/18


Dean receives a pleasant surprise from his online date.

Submitted by MovieGuy1898  01/20/18

Trini's Valentine Hat-Trick

T-girl escort Trini gets surprised on a Valentine's Day job.

Submitted by IanSaulWhitcomb  01/19/18

I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 02

What the woman needs.

Submitted by grgy56  01/19/18

Random Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 17

Tanya Deals with Gardner and More about Ludmilla.

Submitted by Benny_Blank  07/29/09

Mike and Chris Find Each Other

Again, Monica tries to sexually distress her pet teacher.

Submitted by Boxlicker101  09/11/05

Trained by the Neighbors: Next Day

My first full day as a girl, finding out my folk's secret.

Submitted by bottomsatx  11/29/10

The Meeting Ch. 03

Something new to try today.

Submitted by sexyinnylons  06/08/06

Cramming For My Exams

Introducing Rick and Laura, a boozy couple with a big secret.

Submitted by SizeQueenSupreme  12/22/16

Transvixen Tranny Rock Band Ch. 01

Mom of TV gets son and tranny friend to form a rock band.

Submitted by MicheleNylons  05/22/17

The Wrong Room Ch. 07


Submitted by Dreamweaver594  06/09/17

Eventful Birthday

Devious wife brings fantasy to life.

Submitted by itchscratched  08/20/14

Nikkita's Blow Job

Stripper sucks off a sex-addicted cross-dresser.

Submitted by StephanieSeymour  07/14/07

Library Fun

Two shemales conduct research on unsuspecting patron.

Submitted by ArbyDam  01/22/10

More Random Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Transsexuals & Crossdressers Hall of Fame

Women's Studies Ch. 07

The chronicles of a boy's transformation into womanhood.

Submitted by Son_of_Battles  06/25/17

Women's Studies Ch. 06

Rule number one: Never assume you're alone.

Submitted by Son_of_Battles  04/14/17

The Sultanah Ch. 04

Hermaphrodite Sultanah comforts a friend and lifts the siege.

Submitted by YKN4949  11/14/15

Trini Trims the Tree

Christmas in the Bahamas with Wyn's family!

Submitted by IanSaulWhitcomb  12/05/16

Glory Beyond the Hole

TS Rose releases sexual frustration.

Submitted by YKN4949  02/04/14

Loving Yvonne

A new neighbor changes a young man's life.

Submitted by jokermon797  10/20/17

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