Erotic Poetry

New Poems

I Want To Forget

A kind of love poem

Submitted by mseg14  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23


They’re never as good as they claim to be

Submitted by LadyAmethyst  (Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23

Her Journey Begins

Master removing limits for his sub's explorations.

Submitted by olgaslover  (Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23

She Touched Me

Fingers on my soft bare skin

Submitted by enbiji  (Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23

Bleak Release

Love and guilt and shame are all the same in the dark.

Submitted by Halston775  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23

Does Anyone Read Poetry Here?

a place where no one hears

Submitted by enbiji  (Erotic Poetry) 09/23/23

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Random Poems

Butterfly Kisses

Submitted by velvetpie  (Poetry With Audio) 01/10/05


Submitted by Shattered_Rose  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 07/28/05


Submitted by 4degrees  (Illustrated Poetry) 09/01/05

Silken Road

Submitted by veiled  (Poetry With Audio) 08/22/05


Submitted by TheDarkMessiah  (Erotic Poetry) 01/31/07

Murder Riff

Submitted by vrosej10  (Illustrated Poetry) 01/21/10

Top Poems

The Wind (In Northern California)

For the wind and redwoods.

Submitted by LittleRedWildflower  (Non-Erotic Poetry) 04/01/20


Road trip love poem.

Submitted by LittleRedWildflower  (Erotic Poetry) 03/07/20

I Am Dressed Chill

Submitted by Angeline  (Erotic Poetry) 10/13/04

Love Song

Submitted by Tom Collins  (Erotic Poetry) 02/02/06

Broadside Girl

Submitted by evelyn_carroll  (Erotic Poetry) 04/04/05

Doctor Who?

Submitted by evelyn_carroll  (Erotic Poetry) 04/29/05


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