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4 the love of cum...

by PurrfectKitten22 07/31/06

4 The Love of Cum

It can be thick like toothpaste as it oozes from the tip
I let it collect on my tongue as gravity makes it drip
I move it so it coats my mouth and taste it like fine wine
I lap it up with ecstasy because it is all mine
I suck and nibble the skin around it because it leaves a taste
A saltiness that calls to me, can’t let it go to waste
Sometimes when the mood is right and the skin is flushed bright red
I see it fly in thick ropes and strands landing everywhere instead
When I see the muscles tighten and the cock gets hard and straight
I shake the balls beneath it because I don’t want to wait
I let my fingers find the place between ecstasy and sin
And probe it ever so gently until it lets me in
There inside your body I’m connected directly
I watch you for signs that I’m doing it correctly
I push in slightly and hear you gasp or moan
I milk you with my other hand and listen to you groan
Pre-cum slicks the surface of your smoothly textured dick
I pump my hand faster feeling the response of your prick
It jerks wildly when I begin to speak in a sexy tone
And seems to shudder as it’s cover’s blown
Then I make you stand over me, your balls hang loose and low
They slap against your thighs as you pay me what you owe
I pull on the peaks of my nipples and shake the flesh beneath
The orbs moving in the moonlight makes you clench your teeth
As they bounce like soft pillows underneath my chin
You begin to pump your cock like you’ll never cum again
You close your eyes and open your mouth and let loose the stream
I feel the flecks of warmth falling down like an orgasmic dream
My pussy starts to tighten up and wetness meets my thighs
I start to feel impulsive as I drink you in with my eyes
You lay down on the bed exhausted but your cock is like a rock
I begin to climb on top of you and you jerk with the shock
Then you begin to relax as I slip up and down with ease
I rock my hips back and forth and move like a tease
I let my tits hang before you and brush against your face
And grip my pussy tightly to keep you in your place
There you see the challenge lurking in my gaze
You lift your hips and dig into me as I slip into a daze
You throw me off and order me to get onto my hands
Hearing the power in your voice I obey your commands
You tell me to spread my pussy open so you can have your way
And slap the curves of my ass so that I’ll have to obey
Without warning you bury your cock inside of me so deep
My juices run like water and your rod begins to seep
I feel that familiar burning and rock back against your hips
You meet me mid-grind and slow your cock between my lips
I’m frantic in the moment and beg for you to let me cum
Then I feel your finger brush up and down my bum
I feel dizzy and then just when I can’t take it anymore
You pound me with a vengeance and fuck me like a whore
I scream to God and clench the sheets and my body begins to spasm
I shake and moan as you grind and move and bring me to orgasm
Then I lay exhausted, sweaty, panting in your arms
Fallen under the spell of your manly charms
I kiss you and you kiss me back and we’re safe there in our bed
We’re both thinking the same exact thing so we let it go unsaid

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