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by semenswallower 02/02/03

Hey, I'm just like the next kid,
    I got lusts, desires like the next guy
But she's done something more than just catch this
errant eye
   She's opened up a door and let out what was inside
Sure, I'm leagues away, but in my soul, I'm
feeling her skin against mine
her breath on my chest
my lips against her breast.
She shudders and lets out a soft breath,
As my hands, against her soft thigh caress,
I remember wanting to touch her as she undressed,
Our clothes piled on the floor in a mess.
The choir of angels sing as we touch flesh
against flesh.
In my soul, I fuck her like an animal.
In my heart, we attack each other viciously.
In my mind, we dance slowly.
In my dreams, we become one together as wishes be.
Alexandria, words only scratch at the surface
of how I really feel.
Words can only imitate the fires the desires not make
them real.
If only you knew how you move me,
how my step picks up day after day
since I first met you and heard the beautiful things
you had to say.
Forgive the ramblings of this errant heart,
but for its longing do not cry, my dreamer,
because I've learned to take love as I can get it,
And I've got yours my vision of...

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