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by Desire51 03/15/19

I feel your warmth behind me
Your breath caresses my neck
As you exhale
After breathing in my scent
Shivers racing down my spine
As I imagine
Your lips following them
Down that same delicious path

My nerves are on fire with longing
To feel your strong, yet gentle touch
Exploring me
Discovering and showing me
New things about myself
You watch and listen
To every twitch and moan
Using them as blueprints
That tell you what I want
As if my hoarsely whispered invitations
Just weren't quite enough

Fingers, lips and tongue prepare me
For what is coming next
I tremble, anticipating
How good it's gonna feel
When you bury that part of you
That I want so much
As deep as it will go
Over and over and over again
Baby, please don't ever stop

Heaven fast approaches
From sensory overload
Our bodies touching and moving
With synchronized precision
In a dance that’s older than time
Striving to reach the pinnacle
That exquisite explosion of pleasure
As synapses fire simultaneously
In both our brains
The one sensation
Causing the lifetime compulsion
For us to search for and repeat it
Every chance we get

c.v. 3/12/19

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