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Crime and Punishment

by BelindaTitlark 12/01/05

Crime and Punishment!

He put his arm around my waist
And undressed me with his eyes
He was horny and ready to go
That he wanted to fuck me was no surprise

I would have to do what I was told
There would be no nonsense here today
I had never had a cop before
And I knew he'd get his way

Unable to offer resistance
There was wild excitement in the air
In a world of fantasy anything goes
And who am I to care

Our clothes came off in all directions
Throwing compliments at me of every kind
Now totally open for adventure
He came up to me from behind

"Bend over and do as you are told,
Pull your knickers down and lean over my desk"
There in just my black stockings
He gave me six of the best

With each powerful thrust he came inside me
All gentleness had now gone
He fucked my arse so hard it hurt
And still he journeyed on

Wet and willing he turned me over
I wanted his hard cock inside
Fingering my cunt I melted at his touch
My legs were open wide

Tantalizing me I was his sex slave
It was weird and wonderful and really turned me on
With a swollen clit and rock hard nipples
I wished it could go on and on

Roughly he pulled me over
And started to ride my face
He yelled when he was coming
And spurted all over the place

He lay across his policeman's desk
And I climbed on cowgirl style
He felt so big inside me
I wriggled around for a while

He squeezed my nipples and sucked my tits
As I squirmed my cunt was so wet
He really was too hot to handle
And he hadn't finished with me yet

Expertly administered and erotic punishment
Tormented pleasure, putty in his hands
When the headmaster calls you come
As his student you obey his commands

He pushed his prick between my lips
It tasted salty and wet
Then he filled my mouth and it went down my throat
In such a way that I'll never forget

It was getting late now but he fucked me again
As he came he closed his eyes
We both climaxed together
Our union was no surprise

I often think of that day in his office
And I'm sure I'll go again one day
Perhaps I'll just go for the fun of it though
When I've not got a parking fine to pay!

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