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Dasiy's Critique of Sexist Language

by ishtat 03/22/05

Daisy's Critique of Sexist Language in Shakespeare

Quotation from King Lear Act 4 Scene 6.

Father taught us Hamlet in the cowshed,
we suspect he taught the cows when we weren't there.
Milking cows prefer the tragics,
scotch play, the Moor, the magic
of any line of Mr Shakespeare
can soothe the bovine ruminator,
but we found they drew the line at mad King Lear.

"Down from the waist they are centaurs,
Though women all above;
To the girdle do the gods inherit,
Beneath is all the fiends;
There's hell there's darkness there's the sulphurous pit"-

Father's cryptic declamation just confused us,
young-teenage boys, we didn't understand.
"Never mind" he said, "don't bother
and best not tell your mother,
for females don't appreciate the critics of their kind".

Daisy turned her head reproachful towards Father,
lashed out swiftly, kicked him hard in his behind.
She then took a lowed applause from her sisters in the stalls.
This dramatic femme bos taurus
with one kick had just restored us
to correct appreciation of the females and their kine.

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