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Drown This

by Wordmate 02/13/18

Once I go who would miss me?
A life of mine never meant to be.

I did all I could to make this better.
My end would soon be an open letter.

Day in and day out.
What is life all about?

Water fills my large bath tub.
I'm as helpless as a tiny cub.

I waited for my time to drown.
I'm as laughable as a circus clown.

The water fills right up to the top.
Who will find me but a near retired cop.

The tub is cold and completely full.
A man's life so filled with bull.

One step to another was all I took.
No one would hear not even a crook.

I close my eyes, feeling water up my nose.
Down and out like a clogged up hose.

I open my mouth, letting it all in.
Any longer it'll wrinkle my skin.

My lungs fill up, ready to pop
I'll leave this world right on top.

Wherever I go must be better than this.
No one around I'll clearly miss.

My life slowly fades away.
There is no more left to say.

I go away forever and ever.
Will I be back? Hopefully never.

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