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by Dreambeliever 03/13/18

Taken, stripped, my eyes are blind,
My arms are tied so tight behind.
I hear the click of tall dark heels,
As on stone floor I'm made to kneel.

I feel the strips of leather, cold,
Across my ass, my breath I hold.
I wait for pain, feel only pleasure,
Of warmth and passion I’ve come to treasure.

Studded leather on my back,
Soft cool hands caress my crack.
Whispers words into my ear,
Seductive words I want to hear.

Tell me I’m a bad bad boy,
Take me, make me, your bitch, your toy.
Long sharp nails they scratch my flesh,
Inside, fire it burns afresh.

Talons clawing down my skin,
Long sweet fingers probe within.
A sound escapes my mouth, I moan,
Thrust fingers deep, to knucklebone.

A cool soft hand around my member,
Brings me back, helps me remember.
I cannot cum till Mistress says,
Or else, there would be hell to pay.

Stroking slowly, heavens torture,
Bites my shoulder, I’m in rapture.
Thrusting, stroking quickens now,
Beads of sweat upon my brow,

Licking, kissing, drives me wild,
My Mistress is the devils child.
Whispers love, now, cum for me,
At last release, my passion’s free.

Panting, shaking, muscles hurt,
All my senses alive, alert.
Calm and peace descends on me,
Mistress whispers.....again, shall we?

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