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Fading To Black

by Tom Collins 04/16/06

Out of the blue
Feeling so high
Wishing I knew
How not to cry

Slipping through dreams
Falling through cloud
Hearing my screams
Sounding so loud

Hoping for peace
Preparing for war
Needing surcease
From keeping score

Aching for silence
Walls closing in
Pulse finding cadence
In the subliminal din

Wondering why
Options are few
Whatever I try
What can I do

Is there method
To the madness
World rides roughshod
Over the sadness

Shaking the bottle
Satisfying rattle
Twisting the throttle
Losing the battle

No one to listen
To understand my plight
Mesmerized as they glisten
In streams of sunlight

Clenching my fist
Can’t find the will
Feeling like grist
Caught in a mill

Clutching the wind
Grasping at straws
Only the end
Gives me pause

Slightly giddy
No turning back
Humming a ditty
Fading to black

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