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by RisiaSkye 07/17/01

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You strip off everything
unnecessary to the task at hand
Hunching shoulders, bent down
concentrating on the consuming
treat before you.

Rolled tongue, wet and puppy pink
against the tan skin
sliding slowly up,
circling in langorous strokes
leaving soft dewy moisture in its path
Curling up and slipping in to the center,
teasing the edges, dipping to the core
to scoop a moment's tantalizing nectar
into your mouth to savor.

Everything moves fast now, a blur of frantic
quickening as the melting waves crash
and drip
as tongue no longer teases.
Lips cover teeth, your mouth a seal
which allows a pulsing tongue
to explore the hollows and
devour the sweetly dripping liquid.
Until it's finally emptied,
enjoyed, completed.

And when the empty shell joins others
in the mounds of discarded mess
I take you home and lick your fingers clean
relishing the long hot summer and
the lingering traces of
that sweet vanilla ice cream.

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