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I Can't Love Her

by Myhands316 01/15/10

When I was five,
We were behind the old apple tree.
We were kissing, happy as can be.
We were told we were wrong.
They told her to move along.

But I love her I said.
I was told I can’t love her

I was ten when we met again.
This time we were hiding in the barn.
My brother was ever the lout
We jumped at his shout
You heard what momma said.

But I love her I tried to say
You can’t love her, not that way.

The great depression came, when I was fifteen.
We were walking by the stream
I was pulled away from her that day.
But I love her I cried,
I don’t want her to go away.

Enough my father said.
You can’t love her anyway.

I really didn’t have a say
My family made sure I got married the very next day
But I don’t love him I despaired.
My complaints were heard by people who never cared.
As they marched me down the stairs

I never wanted to have this life,
I was stuck being a farmer’s wife.

The war came and took the men away
I cried harder on that gloomy day.
I was alone wishing she was okay
I was alone trying to make it work
The government came and said I had to be a clerk

The country watched and waited
It was the part I truly hated

I buried my husband on a cloudy day
And all I could do is look away.
As I look at the stones of grey

I wished him rest and peace
Though I never loved him even in the least

As I walked away
I saw a face that made me gay
She was standing there
Waiting for me to share.
We swore our love and we’d never part

We had to hide our love you see
We were told it could never be
We lived and loved two widows by the sea
Fifty years it is today
As we both hold hands and slip away

I don’t care what anyone says
God I loved her everyday.


Authors notes: This is something that has been rattling around in my head since my great aunt died. I hope you like it.

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