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I Hate

by Wordmate 02/10/18

Oh, how much I hate Valentines day.
Might as well drown in the nearest bay.

Misery is all this day ever brings.
My pain feels more like bee stings.

A card, what is it all worth?
Less and less on this planet Earth.

I fail with women more and more.
Might as well stop at the liquor store.

Every moment and every late at night.
Waiting on the moon to shine so bright.

This life of mine must surely end.
No more cards left to send.

I can't go on living the rest of my life.
Knowing full well I'll never have a wife.

I'll never have a family of my own.
My ears are ringing like a telephone.

In two more years I'll be fifty.
Hopefully, I'll be gone in a jiffy.

Painful memories I have in the past.
A heart of mine wasn't built to last.

I'll never experience all the passion.
The clothes I wear are out of fashion.

They don't want me, this I can't believe.
They're all anxious to see me leave.

I lived and died all alone.
All my luck has turned to stone.

Let the blood flow or should I hang?
Either way I'm going out with a bang.

No one will care, oh, boohoo.
When you find me you know what to do.

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