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I Know

by whowrotethisshit 03/15/19

I know you hugged me as soon as you got home.
Smelling like car leather and your air freshener.
Groaning about the day.

I know you fell down next to me.
Bookmarking my page and pulling my legs over yours.
Pawing at my thighs.

I know you pulled me onto your lap.
Lifting me up so you could slide off my shorts.
And then again, for my panties.

I know you knocked a bottle of lotion off the table.
Slingshotting the wet panties and my laugh felt too loud, too booming.
You kissed my throat.

I know you found my clit.
Running your fingers against the hair and pushing them apart.
Arching against you, I squirmed.

I know you're good at all this.
Not so sure I am. I worry all the time but you kiss my ear.
Your wrist is so good at that.

I know you draped me over the end of the couch.
Licking the wetness from those soft thighs.
Burying your tongue where your fingers just vacated.

I know you seem too big.
At first. We're always slowing down and stroking slowly.
Until it slips right along and I squeeze around you.

I know the neighbors can hear.
Even if I didn't make a noise, our bodies refuse to be quiet.
Slapping and sucking.

I know I came first.
And third.

I know you came inside of me.
Holding me and shaking, those small, electric jerks.
With your kisses on my shoulder.

I know you did all this.
And even after we were done. Shaking and pink and red.
You rolled me over, pulled me to your mouth by my legs.

And cleaned the mess.

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