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by Poppin Poppy 11/11/05

Arms surround your body
pressing against you.
Hands stroke over your back,
fingers touch, and tease.
The feel of your lips on my face,
that’s where it starts.
I move and hold you tighter as
your lips graze mine
I feel you pushing against me;
growing hard,
Raise my face and our lips touch,
oh baby, those kisses!
Electric currents shoot through me.
Those kisses! oh baby,
So soft, gentle lips, kisses, tongue,
its just heaven!
Hold me, oh so tight, kiss me
baby through the night.

Lips and tongues, gentle kisses
holding you against me
You make me tremble so with
your tongue and kisses
bites and nibbles,
sucks and licks.
Hold me, lay me down, kisses on my
body, make me tremble,
Lips on mine, you moving on me
and I shiver.
Pushing and moving, lips are kissing,
oh baby, please don’t stop!
Arching and pushing and teasing.
Please don’t stop!
Relaxed, gentle kisses over bodies,
its those kisses!
Hold me, oh so tight, kiss me baby
through the night.

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