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Our Special Message

by Brandybeebee 07/10/13

Our Special Message.

I had a dream, a wonderful dream one night,
Of Mom and Dad dancing, in the pure moonlight.

Both were dressed for this heavenly ball,
Guests of honour, looking good and tall.

Mom smiled at Dad, and, gave him her arm,
And he whispered sweet nothings, full of charm.

He twirled her round, and round, and round,
Mom no longer wheelchair bound.

She moved so well, so full of grace,
And Dad dipped her low in a loving embrace.

The stars shone down, twinkling and bright,
As they danced and laughed in great delight.

They looked so good, together at last,
For, nearly 35 earth years had passed.

Dad had waited for her, in Heaven above,
For his Special Lady to come to him, with love,

I watched in silent enthralling awe,
As Dad led her round the magical floor.

The Angels played their mystical symphony,
And I wondered."How long they would stay with me?"

I found touching tears streaming down my face,
As they kissed at the end in a loving embrace.

They walked towards me then,smiling,and said,
" Don't cry Darling- you will soon be back in bed.
But know that we are happy and fine,
we're looked after here- It's so divine"

I said, " Please don't go - I love you so "

They said, " But you must tell your sister of what you've seen,
Of what we say, and where you've been.

We are together eternally now, happy and free.
On the brightest star at night,look and you will see,

Wave to us, happy, in the sky above,
And the twinkles back- are our unending love.

We are the whispers in the summer breeze,
The kisses of snowflakes in the winter freeze.

I'ts nearly time for you to depart,
but know, We'll always be in your heart.

We know of the deep sadness, when our callings came,
And, that your life will never, ever be the same.

But let your heart and soul be happy once again,
With our blessing , from this empty enduring pain.

In time, a calming peace will descend on you,
When you smile again and not always be so blue.

A time of peace, of Dragonflies and Daisies,
Remembering us happy, so full of praises.

Do not regret this joy you will feel,
It's meant to be, a return of life's zeal.

Those you love, don't go away,
We walk beside you every day,
Unseen, unheard but always near,
Loved, Cherished and forever Dear.

Enjoy your life, as we once did,
Go now Sweetheart, do as we bid "

Their message done, they started to fade,
Smiling and happy, as in bed I was laid.

" We love you forever and a day "
They whispered , as there peacefully, I lay.

I woke then from my wonderful sleep,
And I knew this was a special memory to keep.

I'll tell my sister of the message that night,
Of Mom and Dad dancing in the pure moonlight.


This poem is true and I dedicate it to my parents with love always

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