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by BaalatErotas 08/09/16


The time I died
The not understanding
demanding coating pleading
The minute immensity of my core

The day my tears
fell at his his his feet unrecognised
The loss of loves and lives
on fields not meant for war

The year I wrote
lines I'd begged to stay away
Pain repeated layer upon layer
sealing my enclosed shores

This fragile grain
growing strength upon strength
until shapeless salt and scent
measure the substance of my globe

This tripping heart
falling in then out and in again
rolling along the endless bed
older than law and lore

This gleaming Soul
polished uninvited gem
grows whole
in a here-there now-and-then
skin-sealed universe

The unique aeons
registered and attended
Sugar- and blood-coated
Hidden and whispered
now true superstitions

Isolated yet disturbed

The shaping of worlds
The forging in fire
Not knowing I know still
the steady pumping of lava

Marble petals unfurled

The grasping of quills
by an amateur creating pearls

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