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Pulsing With the Earth

by monsterxxx 11/28/12

*this is dedicated to one of the most amazing girls i know, in life as in bed.*

Twenty-one revolutions around the sun
She had journeyed a long way indeed.
To find herself in an unusual place
A new land to conquer, fresh prey to kill.
The predator had set its target, there was gonna be no escape
He was just a helpless lamb. Grazing the spring meadows.
The animal approached stealthily from the dark,
And caught him unawares, now he was bound to her spell.

He knew not what hit him, her smell was sweet her taste salty
Her lips were soft, her touch electric. Hypnosis
Transfixed in the maze of her curly mane spellbound by her gaze
That made his blood boil a-wanton and sent his brain into a whirling tizzy.
The way she splayed herself on top of him
And in her pearly white glow, made wolf of man
And made him howl in spurts of passion
Of dark blood and carnal fucking.

They lay there, entwined in the grass and fallen leaves
Slithering and squirming as a serpentine mess
Interlinked interlocked intertwined
The labyrinth of pleasure had fused them into one
Orgasmic organism pulsing in the light of the full moon,
Gasping for air and releasing it in moans
The creature carried on into the unchanging night
Making the thousand Gods look down in envy.

The curse of mortality leaves none unblemished
Everything that has a beginning has to have an end
As daylight creeps slowly over the horizon
The creature of the night retreats to the forest
To prowl the woods until its time again
For the darkness to reclaim its starry kingdom
And come out crawling to the meadows
To restore the natural order of the world.

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