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by rodsmall 02/23/05

Cheryl and Mardy, Gina, Cathy and Jen
Five very intelligent, extraordinary women
They're all very pretty and it's plain to see
They must have good taste, because they don't like me.

I've been left out hanging, three weeks in a row
Last time by a woman that I don't even know
Calls not returned and plans cancelled late
And finally, getting stood up by a blind date.

How completely repulsive must I be
To be blown off by a woman that I've never seen.
My name and my home town was all that it took
For her to determine I wasn't worth a look.

I'm old, short and ugly, I'm dull, mute and shy
Without an element of danger, I'll disgustingly mild.
All covered with hair, I'm simply to gross to touch
Compared to real men, I can't blame anyone much.

The list goes on, permanently etched in my mind.
Unsightly arms, chest and legs, and dim lifeless eyes.
I'm worthless in bed, no matter how hard I try
And after each failure, I just wish I could hide

In a world of reality, my life's just a joke.
An existence that's clouded by mirrors and smoke
Perhaps I'm not real, just some cheap illusion
Not really a man and just barely human.

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