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Something Chases Me

by thingsnew101 03/13/18

There is some thing following me but it isn't of the material world. It haunts, it stalks my heart and soul while vexing my mind. We all have it but we don't know what to make of it.

This thing while it can be sweet it can also be devilishly cruel. Some thing held dear yet some thing at times very disheartening and disappointing.

This thing can twist you and try to mold you into some thing different. It has a strange hold on you yet it can't grasp you.

This thing it can bring you down and yet at the same time tries to lift you up. It tries to make you some thing you could have been but will never be.

This thing taunts and shames you yet it wants to push and work you into some thing better than you are or ever will be.

You want what this thing tries to give yet, you know you can never reach it touch it utilize it again. It was a gift once but it was taken away and can never be replaced.

As your life moves on it slips farther away and eventually withers becoming so small so meaningless. Oh you think it was grand think it was the best but in the end it is nothing.

So what is this curious thing that chases me haunts me taunts me. It is what was with all its wants it's desire.

Man would give any thing to have it back but sadly that is not possible. It was what we once were, sadly now it is only a memory called youth.

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