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Song Within the Soul

by redwine_blackroses 03/17/02

I look into your eyes and I see
the same emptiness that has long haunted me
The torment and pain can’t truly be hidden
The future remains uncertain, the past unrevealed

A strangers face masked in a dream
I reach out to touch you and you are gone
Are you just a fantasy, a longing never fulfilled
Or the distant memory of a past life, a past time
A love once cherished and taken cruelly away

I hear a song in my mind, a melody that seems familiar
I smile and try to recall the words I once knew
Hoping to find the passage to your heart
Or at least the words to your song

I fight back the tears as they form in my eyes
Shall I weep for our pain?
Shall I weep for the joy of finding you
Shall I cry for the song that I cant remember
or the poem I cant seem to write

Now I sit in silence and gather the courage
the courage to speak your name
and as I hum the melody I hear in my heart
I crumple the pages before me
looking one last time into your eyes

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