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Sweet Jane

by Mari12 02/13/18

Holding ourselves in silence, our lips open, our tongues dancing.
Hidden in a room, across many others. We start romancing.

My sweet Jane

Deepening in our desire; your fiery red hair against my skin.
Kissing you is all I want to do, but your hand discovers other parts of the body and I can’t seem to say no to this sin.

My sweet Jane

My breasts come alive at your touch, your cervix at my fingers
Laying you down, I look up at you, this feeling that lingers.
Legs part, watery thighs licking and enjoying you
Inhaling you, devouring your taste, look what you made me do.

My sweet Jane

Your moans escape you, as you look down at me
Your body moves in wave, as you're close to cumming
You seduced me sweet jane, I need to swallow your honey

A natural act so delicious indeed.

Looking back at you, breathing heavily and smiling
I lost myself in your stare, your hair, your taste
Between my legs, your sweet girl to take
Squirting hard, drinking deep, you are ever more beguiling.

My sweet Jane

My legs part at the thought of your smile.
Your fingers digging as your tongue finds me squirting
Drinking me, tasting me, you are amazing

A natural act so delicious indeed.

Sitting on me, our pelvis touching
Rubbing hard, your fiery hair moving like a banshee
I squirt as you scream, collapsing on my breast I kiss your forehead as you shiver.

A natural act so delicious indeed

My sweet Jane

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