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Temporary Insanity

by Baron Waste 09/15/05

You can stuff your fawning gratitude
And stop trying to rectify my attitude
You cannot fix what isn't broken
Or buy me off with some charm or token
If you want to play, you gotta pay the price
And I hope you like pain, 'cause I don't play nice
You can try to fight, but you know you'll lose
You'll still be mine under the black and blues
You seem to forget that you started this shit
Now it's getting serious, and you want to quit
You try and tell me that it's gone too far
But I just laugh and tie you to the hood of the car
Soon, there'll be no more pain for us at all
Once I drive this heap through the nearest brick wall
I want you to hit first so I can watch your face
And see your life disappear in a second's space
With a crumpling of metal and a roar like thunder
I know this won't end until we're six feet under
You've put a spin on my head I just can't dispell
And I can honestly say, I hope to see you in Hell

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