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The Invisible Pedestal

by xelliebabex 04/13/13

There is an invisible pedestal for grown up little girls,
The kind of little women that are precious flawless pearls
Years may come and years may go, she admits under duress
Because what she really wants is to remain a little princess.

She seeks one who would give her anything, but it's not about the gift.
It's about that marvellous smile brought on and the spirit it can lift.
It's not about what he can give her or about what he will willingly do.
It's about the understanding and love between the two.

A relationship built on trust, more than words merely spoken.
It's about commitments kept and promised that go unbroken.
Their love seems so peculiar that only the two can understand,
She loves him like a Daddy and the rest of the world be damned

From dancing, singing, jumping rope to being made up like a doll.
Both playmates and best friends, their days just tumble and roll.
An emotion so immense, that there’s nothing that can replace
His permanent expression of love, that’s mirrored in her face.

The fact that she can guess his moods and needs isn’t just by chance
He moves and she watches him closely as if she’s in a trance.
A secret place, a covert look, special time for intimacy too.
Trusting him completely, it's all about what Daddy wants to do.

He is there to cater to her every need and she his every want
Content to be together they do not hide nor flaunt.
Sitting up upon his lap she accepts his soul deep kiss
Large hands caress and possess her, filling her with bliss

Sweet dreams are non-existent without his goodnight kiss.
His gentle stroke and oft hard hands, words she can’t dismiss.
It's simply the way he loves her, the depth shows in his eyes
and when it hurts in passion he loves the way she cries.

Upon angel wings and golden halo he helps the princess to soar
After her dragging her to the gutter like a cheap little whore
Sated and happy from his brutal darkness and his soft caress,
In lust and in love, she curls and rests her head on his chest

With him her tears fall freely, but her smile is even brighter
She feels his special bonds for her, a soul tie that can’t be tighter
Emotions always run so deep, a roller coaster filled surprise
Their love is at it’s most poignant from sunset to sunrise.

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