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The last kiss

by Shyone245 02/10/18

The Sweetest embrace that brings out the darkest things.
And gives you the most grotesque wings.
You may feel as though you’re on top of the world.
But soon your whole world will break.

The softest lips
The sweetest words
The safest feeling
The strongest bond.

All can be ripped away, while we ask why.
It can all happen in the blink of an eye.
Everything that was going oh so right
Seems to be going all so wrong.

Questions swirl around ones mind.
Asking themselves if they were blind.
Looking into those eyes
Knowing it’s the last goodbye.

You beg and plead for them to stay
But you watch as they fade away
You hold them close
And try to hold them the most.

In between staying and leaving.
The mutual feeling of longing
Being shared between the two hearts
Of two people who cared for one another.

A bond that bloomed and blossomed
Like a flower in the spring time
Oh and now that flower is a
Deadly and disastrous weed.

The bond that is now shattered.
Nothing in the world matters
All you had ever known is gone.
And you fade to skin and bone.

Time is short and fading fast
And all these feelings were a blast.
Let me feel it once more, that bliss
So pull me close for the last kiss.

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