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The Mistress of Night

by Lady_Siren 06/06/01

The tales you hear about her
Are nothing you believe
The horror and evil
You are unable to conceive

You laugh,
As others warn you to beware
You chuckle
As you listen without a single care

Yet as you walk home you feel a strange sense
As if someone is watching you
Your body becomes tense

Fear creeps up your spine
You turn around and see no one
Assuring yourself you will be fine
You fight the urge to run

Yet when you turn back around you’re greeted with a great surprise
A beautiful woman
Right before you eyes

Tall, dark and enticing for sure
Wearing a scarlet dress
You find it hard to resist her lure
Your conscience becoming less and less

She hooks a figure motioning you near
And you obey without a thought
You have long forgotten your fear
And feel as if you have found all you sought

Her body moves sensuously against you
Her luscious lips inviting
You can think of only one thing to do
And it has nothing to do with fighting

Your lips meet hers and all is lost
As you drown in a pool of feeling
You need this woman no matter the cost
Your body and soul reeling

She leads you to a secluded place
Where she begins to undress
Your eyes move from her face
Lingering on her full chest

Then once more your lips meet hers
And you are lost in bliss
You both end up on the ground
As your body she begins to kiss

Her lips move downward
Nibbling on the way
Lower and lower she moves
Never in one place does she stay

You are lost in sensation
Unable to think
Arching against her
She brings you to ecstasy’s brink

However she stops before you can reach your peak
Straddling your thighs
You desperately want what you seek
Your anticipation begins to rise

Your enter her then moaning out loud
Feeling indescribable pleasure
You climb higher then any cloud
Your passion beyond measure

Then it happens out of the blue
You reach the top
She moans as she moves with you
You pray it will never stop

Yet it does as your gaze meets hers
Her eyes black as her soul
Fear returns full force
But she won’t let you go

She smiles and you notice
That there is something strange
It hits you then and you stare at horror
As you realize she has fangs

She leans forward licking your neck
And with growing terror you regret this sin
Sucking gently she looks once more at you
Then a surge forward and she pierces your skin

Sucking greedily of you
She steals away your very soul
You struggle weakly
But she refuses to lets go

Suddenly a feeling surges through you
And you arch gripping her waist
She pulls away then
Your blood marring her face

And as the world begins to dim
She begins to speak
Her voice is soft and almost sad
As “sleep” she says, “sleep”

You can do nothing else
As the world becomes devoid of light
And you realize you to were a victim
Of the Mistress of night.

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