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The Quickie

by Brittni4u 09/17/17

You give me that look, just after we met,
Between my legs, it becomes so wet.
A wink and smile, I nod my head,
Follow me now, behind the shed.

In the moonlight, the air so free,
Watching booty, following me.
The grass is dewy, sitting on mud,
My high heels are now, carrying crud.

Putting my hands on the backside wall,
Bracing myself, so I don’t fall.
You grab from behind and hold my breasts,
And on my neck, your breath does rest.

Softly you kiss on my smooth ear,
Bulge in your pants, pressed again my rear.
Do me now, like the animal you are,
Wait just a sec, for that passing car.

You flip my skirt, up so high,
Then panties go down to my mid-thigh.
Your zipper follows and the hog comes out,
Searches my opening, while fumbling about.

It finds its mark, as you push it in,
I steady myself as we start this sin.
It feels so wrong but oh so right,
With plenty of girth, oh so tight.

You pump so hard, I can hear it smack,
The effort you give, does not lack.
Your balls do swing, like a grandfather clock,
While I take the thrust of your beautiful cock.

Our grunts get louder and we’re almost there,
You fuck me doggie, without any care.
First it’s me as I tremble and shake,
Orgasm over, my body does take.

You hold me tighter as I hear your growl,
With your cum, my pussy does foul.
Unloading your love, until no more,
Please don’t think that I’m a whore.

You pull out and in you tuck,
Zip back up, such a beautiful fuck.
Please don’t call, cause it gets tricky,
Why ruin such a magnificent quickie.

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