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What are they?

by SecretDreamer 08/11/09

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What are they, really?

I don't know what they are. I just know what they are not.

They appear in many forms and in different shapes.

Very vicious.

They go by many different names.

Very scary.

Close, yet far away, they circle looking for prey.

Often, there will be no escape from their claws.

When the noise reaches your brain it's already too late.

Surrender all hope, there are too many.

There's no use in fighting.

Still, I wonder. Who are they? What do they want?

I try and I try. I cry and I cry.

Darkness surrounds me. Is it night now?

I hear myself screaming WHY?! Why me?

Why do they do this to me?

The darkness is heavy and cold. Penetrating.

I am bleeding. I feel my blood leaving my body.

My hope is leaving me at the same time.

I feel the cold. I close my eyes.

I know they took a piece of my heart and left me bleeding.

I cry some more. I don't understand.

Wounded I hide in a cave, far from the outside world.

Can my heart and soul be healed?

I sit down with all questions bombarding my brain.

Why? Why? Why?

This is when I hear the familiar sound yet again.

They already found me.

Tears streaming down my face, there is no more escape.

I close my eyes in fear.

The presence is getting stronger.

Someone bends down and touches my cheek as I gasp for air.

I hear the words as it speaks.

It says "Hey, I'm your friend."


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