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by Earthgoddess 09/13/10


His smell on my skin, afterwards, marking me as his own.
Eyes closed as I feel the bitten flesh left behind, reminders of my place in his pack.
How to remember the growls best?

My ears keyed in on his gentle voice as it rumbles deeper until each thrust is made harder.
The endless possibilities of pain tumbling into pleasure as my struggles fail, again.
How to taste him still?

Fracturing my dreams for days, the silken skin of his cock pushed past my lips into my sleep.
Waking wet and wanting, my breath ragged as the sweet bruises ripen on my skin.
How to unleash the wanton?

To serve and be opened, this is my place, this is my submission to my Alpha, my Wolf.
His fingers ever coaxing another orgasm, his pleasure within mine.
How may I serve you?

Voice and cock and tongue and teeth, no glamour here just fur and fang, over each inch of my skin.
His needs and wants now my own, under his weight I whimper and yield.
And he shows me the path, the way, to belong.

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