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90% True Ch. 08

by rhev 03/01/13

Chapter 08 -- Heather's Request

- - -

Author's Note - This chapter of the largely group sex category is a little hard to classify. Heather isn't technically a virgin in the strictest sense of the word. But she's hoping to relive her only other experience with a man, when she did lose her virginity. As such it felt like this was the closest category to fit into... this or romantic couplings. I hope that my readers enjoy it at least as much as the other chapters in the story. Don't forget to vote and leave comments! :)

- - -

One thing I haven't figured out about marriage is the ebb and flow of your partner's sexual appetites. Ann had been insatiably horny for days, but after my last story we had some great sex and then went to sleep. After that we went a few days where there just wasn't any sexual contact between us. For no reason that I could determine either, we just sort of got into other things.

She went out to a friends one night and didn't get home till I was already asleep. Another night I was up late watching a movie. A third night we both just seemed to fall asleep as soon as we were in bed. I suspected that there may be a biological reason behind it, but I didn't keep track of her cycle and had no urge to ask or find out.

The up shot of this was that after almost a week of incidental celibacy, I finally had to ask her. "Is there a reason we haven't had sex in the last few days?" I said one night as she climbed beneath the sheets.

She smiled at me and shook her head, "I was actually wondering the same thing myself. Are you in the mood?"

I flipped the covers back and showed her the erection I had, answering her question that way. She grinned, "Well, I suppose if you wanted to tell me more of your story..."

I groaned, I was horny now. I looked over at our collection of pornographic videos and dvds we kept in our bedroom. A noticeable layer of dust was now covering them where they sat on a top shelf in the closet. "How about I just pop in a movie and we fool around?" I suggested.

She shook her head again, "Nope, I want more story. Last I remember, you and Nina had just had sex, then you came in her mouth. Then Heather wanted a turn." She cuddled up against me, throwing a leg over my thigh as she wiggled slightly.

I knew there was no arguing with her, not if I wanted to have sex tonight at least ...

- - -

"Don't I get time to recuperate?" I asked as Heather said she wanted a turn with me. All three women laughed. "I'm serious!" I said in a mock whining voice. Nina, swallowing the hot load of cum I'd deposited in her mouth moved back up so that she was level with me.

She hugged me and the four of us sort of just gathered together in the queen sized bed that was recessed into the floor of the loft. My girlfriend Jen, laughed and propped herself up on one elbow as she looked at me over Heather's body. "I told you he's got a lot of stamina, but yeah, I think he needs a little bit to recover baby."

Heather put on a mock pout and sighed, "I suppose I can wait."

Then, as much as I was enjoying being sandwiched between Heather's freckled pale body and Nina's equally light skin, I had to protest. "Okay!" I said sitting up and throwing off the covers, "This place has heated up enough, I'm starting to sweat like crazy."

I crawled over Nina as the girls giggled at me and Nina pinched my ass when I passed her. Being out from under the covers helped somewhat. The cabin was warming up quite a bit, but it was still a little cool, and goose flesh raised across my skin as my cock quickly shriveled to a flacid state.

Heather even commented on it, "Holy cow Pete, you're so small when you're not hard."

I glared, "Hey!" and covered my flaccid cock, still slick and shiny with Nina's juices and saliva. "I can't help it, some guys are showers and some guys are growers. I'm just the latter." I sat with my back against the cupboards that led into the crawlspace, a few feet from the mattress that was level with the floor.

"You know," Nina said turning to look at me, and then spooning up against Heather, sandwiching her against Jen, "Rich always said the same thing. What does that mean exactly?"

"Well," I explained, "Some guys are like me, they have small looking dicks when flaccid, but when they get aroused, they grow to their fullness. Basically there's a big change between flaccid and erect size." I wasn't taking offense at this. I knew that I had a perfectly fine sized cock. I was just a little over seven inches long and quite thick around. I'd measured it once and I was about two inches across in width. I didn't have really anything to compare it against though. The only other erect cocks I've seen in my life were either porn, or the one time that Rich and I had a little foursome with Jen and Nina. I knew I was bigger then Rich, but that's about it. I'd also done some research on the internet and it said the national average for men's erect length was between six and seven inches. So I figured I was either just over average or at the high end of normal.

Nina nodded, "Right so you and Rich are 'growers' then? Meaning you grow into your full size?"

I nodded back, "Yeah, but some guys are 'showers' meaning that even while flaccid they look around the same size as they will be when erect. So maybe if I was a shower, I'd look like I was maybe 5 or six inches long when flaccid, not, 2 or 3 inches."

Jen sat up then, and joined in the conversation, "So even 'showers' still deflate somewhat?"

I shrugged, "I guess so, I don't really know." I wasn't an expert on this topic and was basically just relating what I'd read on the internet.

There was a little break in our conversation and Heather finally broke the silence, "Well I suppose it really only matters what you're like when you're hard, right?" I smiled and nodded, and the other two girls seemed to agree. Heather continued, "Jen said that you can basically go all night long as long as you have enough of a break in between. Is that true?"

I shrugged, blushing slightly, "I suppose. I mean one weekend we went over twenty times. Though the last few times I think I was shooting air. I'll probably be good to go again in another ten minutes."

Heather smiled and stood up, stepping over Nina towards me. She turned and faced the other two women and said, "If you two don't mind, I think I'm going to take Pete down to the master bedroom for a little while?"

"Sure," Jen said as Nina nodded, "I think we'll make something to snack on and see if we can't get the fireplace going."

Nina added, "Take as long as you need."

I looked up curiously at the fair skinned, freckled redhead and asked, "I don't get a say in this I suppose?"

Jen and Nina both answered at once, "No." This simultaneous response caused all three girls to laugh again, and I had to admit that I was grinning foolishly. Heather held out her hand and helped me to my feet.

We descended the circular staircase and entered the master bedroom with the large king sized bed. I couldn't help but notice that through the glass patio doors the lights were on and the hot tub was now steaming slightly from under it's cover. She shut the bedroom door behind me and then pointed at the bathroom, "Would you mind cleaning up? You know... um... like..." She hesitated and then added with a fluster, "maybe take a shower?"

I nodded, "Of course, no problem." I guessed that she didn't want to have the taste or smell of Nina and Jen on me. I thought it was odd considering she was at least bisexual, and had probably had sex with both of them. But I wasn't going to argue.

I shut the bathroom door and locked both doors to either bedroom. After using the facilities I hopped in the smallish shower and washed off. There was a bar of soap in the shower, one of those orange ones that's supposed to be hypoallergenic. It wasn't my preferred brand. But I washed up, keeping my hair as dry as I could. My hair was very thick due to my Italian heritage, and it took a long time to dry when it was wet. I thought I'd avoid that. But I scrubbed up very well otherwise.

Afterwords I dried off with a towel I found in a small linen cabinet next to the shower, and tried to make myself presentable. My cock still lay limply, and I thought about fluffing it up, but decided against it. Hanging the towel on a hook I re-entered the master bedroom.

Heather was standing there, a silk robe about her shoulders and the room was lit with the light of a dozen candles. She'd lit them while I was in the shower of course, and the room was fairly bright considering how many flickering flames danced around the room. "I'll be back in a minute," she said as she pushed past me into the bathroom.

I lay on the large bed and relaxed, now comfortable with the temperature in the cabin as I listened to the sounds coming from the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the shower turn on again. However her shower was quite brief and only a few minutes after it started she opened the bathroom door. Standing in the doorway wearing her silk robe she seemed scared, hesitant.

"Would you like to come join me on the bed?" I asked patting the comforter next to me.

She bit her lip and took a step into the bedroom, then stopped. She took one more step and then stopped again. "Pete," she said, obviously nervous, "Can we just talk for a minute?"

I sat up in the bed and leaned against the large wooden headboard, "Of course Heather. No one's forcing anyone into anything." Then remembering the way I'd seen Heather and my girlfriend Jen cuddle and kiss earlier, I thought I knew what this might be about. "Is this about Jen?"

She smiled and moved to the bed, sitting on the edge, several feet from where I sat against the headboard. "No," she said as she kept her back to me, "It's about me actually." I stayed quiet and let her proceed at her own pace.

"You see," she started and then paused before continuing. "I've been pretty much just into girls for the last few years. But I don't think of myself as a lesbian. I..." She paused and bit her lip again as she looked at me. I said nothing, allowing her to continue, "I just had a bad experience with my first and only real boyfriend. I've been kinda turned off boys ever since."

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