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A Bet, Little Sister?

by TheDarkCloud 06/12/05

Julie took this pounding for a full sex filled ten minutes and she would have accepted more but it was Paul who pulled his cock from her ass and flipped her over to look deep into her eyes.

"OK little sister, I'm pleased with you so far, why don't you get down on your knees and lick my cock clean. Oh and while you're down there slip that fat dildo you bought for me into that soaking wet cunt of yours."

Paul held Julie's gaze as he spoke and made sure that she knew he was deadly serious. Rising to the challenge Julie slipped, cat-like form the bed, ran her pink tongue along her full lips and gave a brief smile before engulfing his cock, that had so recently been embedded in her own ass, into her hot, moist mouth.

She fumbled to grab the huge phallic rubber object and easily slid it inside her and as she orally serviced him she drove it home inside herself.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt her soft tongue wrap itself around his cock and probe his piss hole. Feeling his erect cock being treated so fantastically he knew that it would not be long before he came. He had fantasised about spunking his cum over his sisters face for years now. This taboo fantasy firing his imagination throughout the times he didn't have hot bets and dares to win. Feeling the juices boil inside his balls he had to push Julie's hungry, sucking mouth away from his spasming cock and barely had time to breathlessly whisper.

"Keep your eyes open, I want you to see all of this."

He drew back slightly and could hold on no longer, releasing his pent up emotions in a guttural roar as his fired a massive load of sperm over Julie's pliant, waiting face. Some fired directly into her open mouth, more found her lips and chin and yet more fired into her open eyes and onto her forehead. As the last exited his cock and it began to deflate he thrust it toward her again and she greedily accepted his messy cock into her mouth and sucked the residue from it. Finally, she licked the cum from her face and pooled it in her mouth, opened it to show her brother his cum in her mouth and swallowed it down.

She finished the scene off by bringing herself to climax with her dildo and taking pleasure licking her own juices off of it afterwards.

Mentally, as well as physically, exhausted the siblings lay on the bed for a long time, finding a degree of fear and comfort in the touch of the others skin. Finally, Paul rose and went to take a shower. Julie waited until she heard the water running and went to remove the tape from the video camera she had hidden in her room, trained on the bed. She wondered what Lisa might make of the tape. Then shook her head. No, this would be for her own personal viewing. She moved through the apartment naked and opened the bathroom door. She pulled back the screen and stepped beside her soapy, surprised brother and began to rub the soap over his and her own body, he reciprocated.

As they washed each other Julie softly spoke these words.

"How about another bet? I bet I can steal Lisa from you, if I win then..."

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