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A Boy and His Genie Ch. 12

by DragoTime 06/17/15

In the year 2012, Sophie Swift was confused. She'd felt an irresistible compulsion to go inside a mansion, where she'd met a man and girl. The man had told her that this girl was his genie, and that he was giving her to him. And now all that was left was a lamp, sat on the floor. She approached it with caution, not really understanding what was happening. She reached out a hand to touch it. It felt cold. Dormant.

Sophie put the lamp in her bag, and walked home. Whatever this was, she wanted to be somewhere safe.

"You're home late!" Shouted her mother to her as she walked in.

"Can't talk. Busy," Sophie said as she went straight upstairs.

"Oh, charming!" Mrs Swift said. "Dinner'll be ready in half an hour!"

"Alright!" Sophie shouted back.

Sophie went to her room, and took the lamp out of her bag, setting it on her table. She sat down on her bed, and stared at the lamp. It looked so old, yet flawless. Not a scratch on it. Sophie reached out to it.

"I shouldn't..." she said. She picked it up, and held it in her hands. Then, hesitantly, she rubbed it. She felt it grow warm in her hands, and she watched a cloud of light-blue smoke pour out.

"Oh finally," Alexis said as she appeared on the bed next to her. "I was beginning to think you were gonna chicken out."

"Oh my God, this is not real, this is not real..." Sophie said.

"Oh it's quite real, I promise," Alexis smiled. "So what will it be then? Eternal youth? Wealth beyond your wildest dreams? Or do you just wanna fuck?"

"What makes you think I want a genie?"

"Mistress, I've existed for hundreds of thousands of years, and I can honestly say that's the best joke I've ever heard," Alexis laughed. "In my entire life, I've never met a human who doesn't want things they can't have. Well, things they can't have until they meet me."

"I'm still not convinced you're a genie."

"I promise you I am. I can't lie to you."

"Prove it then. Cast a spell. Or does that count as one of my 3 wishes?"

"Honestly, Disney ruin everything, don't they? There's no 3 wishes. You get as many as you want. And none of that "evil genie" stuff. No wish misinterpretation. You get what you want. And if I mess up somehow, which I most definitely won't, I'll fix it for you. I give you my 100% satisfaction guarantee."

"I'm still waiting for my proof."


Back in 2015, Matt Evans was currently in the process of firing his umpteenth load of the day into Anna's pussy. His face was one of sheer delight. Sophie may have been his crush for years, but he'd spent many an evening masturbating to thoughts of Anna too, so to fuck her was like a dream come true. But to be fair, most of Matt's life now was like a dream come true.

To Matt's annoyance, he felt the warm wetness of Anna's vagina pull off of his cock. He opened his eyes, and saw Sophie stood there with Alexis. Both of them were dressed.

"Come on Matt," Sophie said.

"Whuh...what?" Matt asked through the horny haze that was clouding his mind. Sophie grabbed him, and pulled him onto his feet.

"Matt, we've been summoned to a meeting with the society," Sophie said.

"But I'm having fun!" Matt complained.

"Come on," Sophie said. "Get Lumiosa and we'll go."

"Oh fine!" Matt agreed, despite every fibre of his being wanting to rip Sophie's clothes off and fuck her on the table. "Where is she, anyway?"

"I'm here, Master!"

The 3 of them turned to look in the direction of the voice. Lumiosa was sat on a chair, with her legs wrapped around Sam, who was fucking her hard. Meanwhile, she was making out with Cindy, who was frantically fingering herself.

"Lumiosa, I wish for you to undo our horniness, and get us dressed," Matt commanded.

"Your wish is my command!" Lumiosa moaned in pleasure. She snapped her fingers, and Matt felt as though a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, in that he no longer wanted to fuck to death everyone he saw. Lumiosa appeared next to him, dressed back in her clothes.

"What the fuck Matt!?" Sam moaned. "You're such a cock-block! I was about to cum!"

"Oh shut up and just fuck Cindy," Sophie said. Sam's body instantly responded to the command by moving over to Cindy, and ramming into her pussy. She wasn't complaining.

The 4 of them left the classroom, and headed back to Sophie's Ferrari.

"What do you think they want?" Matt asked his girlfriend as they cuddled in the back of the car.

"I dunno," Sophie replied. "But judging by Neil's tone, I doubt it's good."

"We'll be fine though. No-one can hurt us. Not now we're free from the rules."

"I know, but I still don't like talking to them."

"We'll get through it, whatever it is."

They arrived at Sophie's house, and walked in. The other members of the society were reclined on various sofas and armchairs, some of which were normally there, and some of which had been conjured up.

"Sit down," Neil said sternly. The 4 of them sat down on one of the sofas, without a word. "What are you?"

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Sophie asked, clearly not wanting to give answers.

"Ophelia, play the footage," Neil ordered.

"Yes Master."

Ophelia bowed her head, and snapped her fingers. Sophie's TV turned on magically, to a news story.

"A man was arrested today in the home of billionaire businessman Alex Brookman," said the news reader. "The elderly man has not been identified, but we are hearing reports that he is claiming to be Alex Brookman himself, despite Mr Brookman being known as appearing much more youthful than this man. Whoever this man is, the police have charged him with several hundred counts of murder and rape, after the bodies of several hundred nude girls were found in the house with him."

"Care to explain?" Brian said.

"Not really," Matt replied.

"When we saw this, we went to visit Alex in prison," Sarah said. "He told us about how you two turned up, undid his wishes, and took his genie away from him. Which is of course, impossible."

"And your point is?" Sophie asked.

"Tell us how you did it!" Neil shouted. "If you two can break the rules, then tell us how you do it!"

"And why should we?" Sophie asked. "What could you possibly do to us if we refuse?"

The group stayed silent.

"Fine then," Neil said. "We'll ask you nicely. Please tell us how you can do it."

"If you two can indeed break the rules, then we can fulfil our goal!" Jürgen said. "We can do what we have always sought to do; rule this world! Control it for the betterment of all humankind!"

"And for yourselves," Alexis said. "Actually, mostly for yourselves."

"No one asked for your opinions, genie," Sarah said to her.

"Actually, if you want us to stay friendly towards you, assuming we even are at the moment, it'd be wise for you to be nice to our genies," Sophie said threateningly. "They're our friends."

"Genies are tools for our pleasure, nothing more," Brian said. "Observe. Lexia, I wish for an amazing blowjob."

"Your wish is my command, Master," Lexia obeyed. She bowed her head, and then pulled Brian's trousers down, before taking his cock in her mouth.

"We genies have feelings too, you know," Alexis said.

"Not that they matter," Sarah said. "This world has a pecking order. At the top are us Masters. Next come normal humans. And finally, there's the genies. You exist only to grant our wishes."

"That is not true!" Lumiosa shouted. "I'm sorry, Miss Sarah, but...I used to agree with you. I really did. But Master Matt has been so kind to me. He treats me like an equal. He wants me to be more than just a servant."

"Then he is foolish," Jürgen said.

"And yet you're the ones talking down to the ones who have the power to cause you unspeakable horrors," Sophie said.

"Sophie dear, you are both far too kind-hearted for that," Sarah laughed.

"Perhaps we are. But we're not too kind-hearted to punish you like we punished Alex," Matt said.

"The two of you dislike how we consider ourselves higher than other humans, and yet you seek to judge us?" Neil said. "We may seek Godhood, but at least we have the courage to admit it."

"We don't want Godhood," Sophie said. "We just want to allow people to live in peace. We use Alexis and Lumiosa's magic for fun, but no-one gets hurt. Everyone we use our magic on enjoys it. Whereas you lot enslave people and keep them serving you for decades. We give pleasure to our friends. Your only friends are each-other, probably because they're the only people you can't enslave."

"Kraft macht Spaß," Jürgen said. "Power is fun. You know what else is fun? Dominating other people. Ruling over them. It's why we want to control the world. To control the universe. We want everyone to do as we command."

"And you believe that this so-called "maker" would allow that?"

"He's allowed you two more power, clearly," Neil said. "Surely giving us the same power would be better? 6 heads are better than 2."

"You 4 could never work together," Matt said to them. "You'd all be fighting over power. Sophie and I are in love. We'd work together to rule the world at least."

"Matt, it's clear we're not getting through to these people," Sophie said. "I think we need to do something about them."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was thinking we could..."


Sarah woke up in an uncomfortable bed. She opened her eyes, and realised the ceiling she was looking at was not the ceiling she was used to in her mansion. She sat up, and realised her body was far chubbier than it was, with much smaller boobs. It was the body she'd had in her youth, before becoming a Mistress.

She looked around, and realised that she most definitely was not in her mansion. She was in the bedroom she'd had when she lived with her parents. Her abusive parents. The ones who hated her because her existence meant they couldn't pamper her older brother as much. The ones whom she'd wished up an eternity of suffering for at the earliest opportunity.

She looked over at the calendar on the wall. Friday the 13th of March, 1959. The day she found Iago's lamp. It had just been sitting there in a bird's nest, at the top of a tree. She'd gotten her more-athletic friend, Maggie, to climb up there and get it for her. Funny, if Maggie hadn't thrown the lamp down to her, it might have been her instead that would have rubbed it, and gained Iago's power.

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