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A Christmas Story

by AcaciaX 12/31/08

You told me that you'll be coming to get me at 8PM for Christmas dinner and that you want me to wear something revealing but not slutty. You told me to wear the black panties you got me and a matching bra. You also told me not to touch myself all day.

I choose a black dress that shows cleavage. It isn't too low cut or too short but it is very tight and doesn't leave much to the imagination.

You arrive to pick me up and I answer the door ready and excited. You step inside and kiss me deeply. You pull me in tight and squeeze my ass. You reach into your pocket and pull out a small gift box. I open it quickly and pull out a small oval shaped disk.

"That's part of your Christmas present, put it in your panties right now and leave it there all night."

I do as I'm told and you put your arm around me and lead me to your car. Before you even start the engine you unzip your pants and pull my head to your lap.

"I don't want to see your face until we get to the restaurant"

I let your cock into my mouth and you start to drive. It's thirty minutes to the restaurant and I suck your dick the whole time. When I lick quickly I can feel the car slow down but you tell me not to stop. Suddenly you push down hard on my head and you cum down my throat. You tell me to lick you clean before you zip up your pants and let my head up. When I sit up I realize we are already at the restaurant and probably have been for awhile. You let me out of the car and walk me in.

We are seated at a booth and we both sit on the same side so we can be close. When the waiter comes I feel a strong sensation against my clit. The disk in my panties is vibrating and you are controlling it with a remote in your pocket. I grab your hand tight and try to sit still while you order us drinks and dinner. When the waiter walks away the vibration stops and I loosen my grip on your hand. You tell me the teasing isn't going to stop and when the waiter brings our drink I feel the vibrations even stronger than before. I cross and uncross my legs trying not to be obvious to anyone at the tables around us. You bring me close to orgasm over an over but you stop before I cum. I am ready to get home so when you tell the waiter we want dessert I squeeze your hand under the table but you pay me no attention. A chocolate mousse arrives and you dip your finger in it. You put it in my mouth and watch as I seductively suck the chocolate off.

"I hope you've enjoyed the playfulness of the evening so far because the rest of the night is going to be very different my pet."

After dinner we go to your place. You turn on music and tell me to wait for you on the couch. You come back with two shot glasses, a large dark bottle, and a black sheet. You sit next to me and pour us both a shot from the long bottle. Then you start to rip strips of materials off the sheet. I ask what you're doing and you tell me to sit quietly and not ask questions. You pour me another shot and watch me take it before you jump up. You grab me by the neck and stand above me. You bend over and bring your face close to mine. You kiss me roughly and then push me back into the couch. You stand up,

"I want you in nothing but your panties, right now!"

I strip down in front of you and I can see you growing through your pants. I let my dress fall to the ground and cup my breast in my hands as my bra hits the floor. I pinch and squeeze my nipples feeling them harden in my fingertips.

"Get on your knees and get under the table"

I crawl under the table and I want to ask why but as soon as I look up you shoot me a look that says not to. You sit on the couch and finish your drink. I'm starting to feel a little drunk but you bring me another one and I drink it under the table. You bring over the strips of the sheet. You tie my elbows to my knees and then my wrists and ankles to the legs of the table. I can't move at all and my ass is completely yours. You spank me hard.

"You little slut, you're mine to use all night"

I nod and you spank me again. You reach under me and twist my nipples hard. I try to pull away but can't move.

"Stop squirming!"

You run your hand down my back and grab the top of my thong. You pull on it causing the rough lace and vibrating disk to rub against my pussy. I let out a moan and you pull the material hard causing me to let out another.

"Shut up you whore or things will get a lot worse"

You push the button on the remote again and turn it all the way up. I push my face into the carpet trying to muffle my moans. You tie another one of the strips around my mouth and one over my eyes. You grab my hair and whisper against my ear,

"That will keep you quiet. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk until the New Year."

Then you push my face back to the floor and I hear you walk away. I stay tied under the table for what feels like forever. I can feel my pussy throbbing and I try not to cum but the vibrations haven't stopped and I am getting so close. I feel cold metal against my ass cheek and I feel it slide to my panties. I figure out that they are scissors when you cut my underwear away from my pussy. Now I can I feel cool air touching my wetness followed by your fingertips.

"You are so wet; you can't help it can you? You've wanted my dick all night haven't you slut?"

You wipe a bit of my wetness up with your fingers and pull the material from my mouth just long enough to let me taste my juices.

"You like that don't you?"

I nod my head quickly. You spank me again and again until my ass turns red and shows your handprints. I try to pull away but the material is tied tight and I can't move at all.

"Stop moving or I won't stop. I know you like it. Take it slut."

I scream out but the sheet muffles me and you keep slapping my ass. You rub my ass cheeks and occasionally let your fingers slip inside me. Your fingers are soaking wet and you use my pussy juices as lube to slide them into my ass. I hear you come around in front of me and you pull the material from my mouth. You wipe your fingers across my face and into my mouth.

"Suck your juices off. Show me what you want to do to my cock"

I run my tongue up and down your fingers and in between them not to miss anything. You shove them down my throat until I gag. You pull them out and slap me across the face. Then I feel something different against my face. I stick my tongue out and you slap it with what feels like your dick. Suddenly you push it into my mouth and I recognize that it is. You let out a grunt and grab my hair,

"Take my dick you little bitch. Suck it like a good slut. All the way down, I want you licking my balls."

I bob my head back and forth on your cock. You push in deep while you grab my hair and slap my face. You run your hands down my back and grab my ass cheeks. You hold them open wide while you force your dick down my throat. I claw at the ground and try to pull back but I'm still bound and you are grabbing my ass tight. Suddenly a dick invades my pussy. I have no idea who it belongs to. I didn't even know there was anyone else in the room. You whisper,

"Merry Christmas"

I want to know who you are spreading me open for but you leave the blindfold on me. You slip your fingers in my ass and I feel the two of you filling me up. I give in and cum hard. My body shakes and I feel the other guy pull out of me. You keep your fingers in my ass and your cock in my mouth but you pull the blindfold off. I look around to see who had just been in my pussy.

"He's already gone baby. I thought you would like that and I was obviously right. We can take it a little further next time. Keep sucking my cock, let me see your eyes sexy."

You keep fingering my ass and fucking my mouth. You grab my nose and pull me into your cock. My eyes water up and I try to move away but the bindings are still tied tight. Finally you pull out and I gasp for air. You move behind me and put the tip of your dick against my small pink hole.

"You want it in your ass don't you little whore. Mm, you dirty girl."

You push it in and I let out a moan. You reach forward and fishhook me. You're pushing too hard and I can't help but scream out.

"No one can hear you little fuck hole. Scream as much as you want, I know you love it in your tight ass."

You pound me hard, spanking me and pulling my head back by my hair. You push in deep and I feel your cum shooting into me. I cum too and my asshole clenches around your big pulsing dick. You lean forward and kiss the back of my neck. You lay over me and we catch our breath while you untie me. You help me up and lead me to your bedroom where we curl up and fall asleep.

This is my first submission, feedback would be awesome! :)

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