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A Day in the Life

by Harddaysknight 01/16/05

I walked in the door after a week at corporate headquarters in New Jersey. It wasn't my favorite place to visit, but I did enjoy the lifestyle my position provided.

"Hello, Gorgeous!" I smiled as I strolled into the kitchen, surprising my wife preparing dinner. "Did you miss me, or did you find a little something on the side?"

I had been suggesting to my wife of 17 years that she try having sex with another man. The thought always gave me an incredible erection and seemed to fuel my carnal desires. I guess I had been rather persistent about the idea for the past six months.

Denise, my wife, was in great shape for a woman any age and looked younger than her 40 years. Our 15 year-old daughter had begun to complain about her mother's youthful appearance. She said that she never knew if boys stopped to see her, or if they were trying to get a chance to see Denise. This always made me smile. I can remember being 16 and lusting after my friends' mothers, aunts, and older sisters.

Giving birth twice had only served to make Denise a bit rounder in the ass and fuller in the tits. She was one sexy woman.

I don't really know exactly when I started thinking about Denise in bed with another man. It just grew on me over the years. Whenever we attended any social function men would fawn over her. Denise never gave the impression she was available in any way, but did smile and seemed flattered at the attention.

I would be across the room and beam with pride. I knew what the other men wanted. They would give anything for a chance at my wife. If she danced with a man I would get an erection. Knowing that the guy wanted desperately to get into her panties set me off. As time went on, the thought took root and grew. Imagine my beautiful, faithful wife being drilled by some stranger. She would be receiving her second cock of her life and it made me hard just thinking about it!

"Dan! I missed you!" Denise laughed as she kissed me. "You are a little earlier than I expected."

"The flight landed 15 minutes early, my bags weren't lost, and the traffic was very light. Hence, here I am," I grinned as I squeezed her ample chest. "Did my babies miss me?"

"You know they love your mouth and hands on them," Denise admitted as she put the silverware on the table. "You know how to make them feel special."

I slid my hand under her skirt as she leaned ahead to place some silver across the table. I noticed something different immediately! I spun her around and pulled her skirt up above her hips. Denise had no underwear on and her pussy was as bald as a baby's!

"Wow! Since when do you go around without underwear? And when and why did you shave your pussy?" I asked. "Not that I am complaining."

"Do you like it? It didn't take you long to find out about it!" she chuckled. "It is supposed to make me look sexier and a little slutty."

"Have you been reading Cosmo again?" I joked as I ran my fingers over her beautiful pussy and played with her clit. She was getting wet as I stroked her. "You have a beautiful pussy. Suppose we hold off on dinner and go to the bedroom and see just how good it feels. The kids are at your cousin's party today, aren't they?"

"They are. They will be staying two extra days so they won't be home until Sunday," Denise responded. "I can't go to bed with you now, Dan. I have an... appointment for this evening."

Denise was an insurance agent and it wasn't unusual for her to have an evening appointment. I was disappointed that she would schedule one the very evening of my return, but I tried not to show it.

"Going to sell a nice policy tonight? I asked. "That's my wife."

"Not exactly, Dan. It isn't a business appointment," Denise looked nervous as she continued. "You know how you have been after me to have another man? You have talked of little else for the last half year."

I felt my cock harden even more as her words began to register. She was going to have sex with another man! I was excited. I also noticed a strange tension form in my stomach, but I dismissed it as natural.

"You mean you are going to finally let another man fuck you, Darling?" I gushed. "Are you going to some motel or something?"

"I am glad you are taking this so well, Dan. I really was a little concerned that the reality of me being another man's slut would make you angry," Denise confessed.

"I didn't call you a slut, Denise. You are simply a beautiful woman enjoying an encounter with a strange man," I explained. "You are certainly no slut!"

"Sit down and listen to me, Dan. I am a slut and you will agree when I am done with my story. I see you're all hard and excited about this," she smiled as she looked at the lump in my pants.

I sat down at the kitchen table and Denise took a seat across from me. I watched as she composed herself. She fiddled with the silverware for a minute before she began.

"The day after you left on your trip I had an appointment with Nancy's cousin, Steve Morgan. He was interested in term life. I went to his house, which is in a nice section north of here. He is a single guy your age and rather good looking. As we discussed his needs, he made a few comments about what he felt he needed the most. I kept trying to direct his attention back to the policy choices. I had determined he should go for a straight life policy and forget the term. As you know, I make more money on those policies, but I really did feel it was more suited to his situation."

"This guy made a pass at you and you are going to see him tonight to consummate it?" I guessed.

"No, Honey. Please let me tell you everything as it happened," Denise requested. "I was having a difficult time getting him to concentrate on the numbers I was showing him and I finally got a little exasperated."

"What will it take to get you to listen to my explanations?" I asked him as we sat next to each other on his sofa.

"I will buy the damn policy right now if you will have sex with me!" he stated quite calmly. "You are a beautiful woman and I want you more than I have wanted anything for years."

"I was flabbergasted, to say the least, Dan. I had never resorted to sex to sell anything. I never had sex with anyone but you. You know that," Denise continued. "I sat there stunned for a minute or two. Then I started thinking about how you wanted me to have sex with another man. He was handsome and single and he certainly was more than willing."

"I told him if he would sign the papers and give me a check, I would give him another hour of my time to do as he wanted!" blurted Denise.

I thought I would cum in my pants when Denise told me that! She was the perfect housewife. She always dressed conservatively and conducted herself professionally. Now she was telling me she agreed to let some strange guy have her. I felt a little dizzy as I tried to assimilate everything Denise was telling me. My sweet, innocent wife was doing this for me. My cock was throbbing.

"Are you going to give him that hour this evening?" I croaked. I was thinking about the ride I would give her when she returned home.

"Let me continue, Dan, please," Denise pleaded. "This is not very easy for me to tell. As you might guess, he signed the papers in record time and handed me a check. Then he looked at his watch and then spoke to me."

"It is now 11:34. You will be free to leave anytime after 12:34, if you so desire. I think you might stay a little longer."

"Steve took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. Then he unzipped my dress and slid it off me. I just stood there, not knowing what I should do," Denise almost sobbed. "I was such an inexperienced woman. I was afraid he would laugh at me for being so unworldly. I made my mind up right then to make him think I did that sort of thing all the time. I wanted to be the best fuck he ever had!"

I went from almost shooting a load in my pants to almost shitting a load in my pants. This was my sweet wife, the mother of my two kids, talking like some tramp!

"I helped him slide my panties down and then I undressed him. I tossed his shirt to the side and then dropped to my knees and untied his shoes. He kicked them to the side and then I unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down. He had a big bulge in his jockey shorts and a wet spot in front. He stepped from his pants and I knew I had reached the moment of truth. I slowly began working his underwear down. His cock was caught in them and it pointed downward before it finally sprung free," Denise whispered as she remembered the experience.

I was mesmerized as she told her story. My mind was numb and my cock was still throbbing as I saw her every move in my mind.

"It popped up and hit me in the face, Dan. It was really hard and longer than yours by a fair amount. The end was all wet and sticky and it left a streak across my chin and lips," recalled Denise.

"Steve told me to suck his cock and called me a little slut. That hurt my feelings and I looked up at him to complain about his choice of words. He just grabbed my hair and forced his cock against my mouth with his other hand. You know that I very seldom suck on your cock and I never let you come when I do," Denise reminded me.

As if that was necessary! How well I knew it. She always acted like my cock was something that was best kept below her waist. I could count on one hand the number of times she had sucked it and she was pretty drunk every time. Now this guy was making the mistake of trying to get her to do it when she was sober. I realized it would give her an increased appreciation of my consideration and my gentle husbandly behavior.

"I opened my mouth and started sucking him, Dan," revealed my darling wife. "I was determined to leave there with him feeling I was the best ever. He started pushing more and more of his cock into my mouth. I told you it was longer than yours by a couple inches? It seemed like he did that for hours but it was really only a few minutes. I finally figured out how to relax my throat and then it was easy. He slammed the entire thing down my throat and I was able to lick his balls a little every time he bottomed out in my mouth. I don't know when it happened, but I gradually noticed his hands were pinching my nipples and I was deep-throating him on my own!" she smiled; as if she were revealing a wonderful new skill she had learned.

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