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A Diary for Two Ch. 05

by AliceKitty 11/25/14

A very slow built story about a character's transformation from being entirely male, to having to accept his magically switching gender. There are sexy bits and they will be more frequent in planned subsequent chapters, but they are not the main focus.

Please do not expect any quick thrill out of this story, but make the most of the progressive development of the protagonist(s).

Also this is my first attempt at writing erotic literature. The feedback I got from the previous parts was very nice and very helpful, and I'd truly appreciate a continued feedback from any readers who are interested.

On a side note, some of you have noticed that the base concept of the transformation is taken from an anime called 'Ranma 1/2'. Whilst I freely admit having inspired myself directly from that for the physical aspect of the change, I would like to add that my main true inspiration as to the emotional development of this story comes from 'The Blue Necklace' by MissLisaJones, another story on this site.

For whoever is interested, I strongly recommend both 'The blue Necklace' and 'Ranma 1/2' as they are both very good pieces of fiction within their area.


October 17, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling rather fresh. I checked my alarm clock. It was about half past seven, which meant that I had about an hour and a half to get to my first lecture of the day at nine. I got up and went to have my shower, quickly followed by some clothes and breakfast. It was sunny outside, which meant that I could remain a guy today, so I dressed up simply, donned my backpack, and headed for the door.

After and uneventful trip to campus, I went to my first physics lecture, slowly remembering what Fridays are like. I was looking forward to three lectures in a row, followed by a short lunch break and a four-hour long laboratory session. Great. I went to my first lecture, and was about to go sit next to my usual mates, when I noticed a slightly nearer Isabelle, waving down at me. I climbed up to her row, grinning to myself, and sat down next to her.

"Just for the record," she whispered, smiling. "I checked what you told me yesterday. You were right!"

"I sometimes am..." I answered.

"Well anyway, glad to see you again. Also, this is my housemate, Thomas. Thomas, this is the math and physics guy I told you about who is better at chemistry than I am."

I looked up, amazed. She was now introducing me to the very same Thomas whom I'd met as Elise... Feeling very self-conscious, I greeted him, feeling my smile becoming a little too stiff upon my face. He hardly seemed to notice me, as he nodded at me in a disinterested manner, his eyes fixed upon his lecture notes. Isabelle rubbed his shoulder gently, and turned to me.

"It's probably just this girl he met earlier on this week. It sounds like she has been avoiding him. I think he is quite smitten with her..." She whispered softly at me, winking mischievously.

I felt my face suddenly become very hot as I realized what that meant. Thomas was missing Elise, and it seemed like he felt rather more than just friendly towards her, or at least according to Isabelle... Feeling both guilty and very embarrassed, I remained silent, and contented myself to smile at Isabelle, trying to look amused.

I remained silent for the next few minutes as the lecture started, thinking hard about what to do. It was very disconcerting to learn that I had been convincing enough as Elise to attract this sort of attention in less than a week. After a while, Isabelle leaned toward me and made a joke about our Scottish lecturer's accent. I chuckled, and we were soon engrossed in our own conversation. I didn't pay attention too much of the lecture from then on, but it was a welcome distraction from my own chain of thoughts.

When the hour ended, Isabelle left for a tutorial, leaving me now alone as I made my way to my next lecture. As I got there, I noticed dark clouds quickly approaching on the horizon, and trepidation gripped me, knowing what they might mean. I spent the next two hours feeling an increasing sense of dread, as the clouds got closer and closer. I couldn't possibly allow myself not to attend my laboratory session, as attendance there was monitored, and I would be marked for it.

By the end of the third hour, the sky was darkening quickly, and I watched it in terror as I went to have lunch on my own. Sure enough, the downpour started as I started my lunch in the canteen (I had once again forgotten to bring sandwiches). I stared at the falling rain as I swallowed my food with difficulty, feeling weak.

As it finally became time for my lab session, I decided to go for it. I waited until no one was near the entrance to the canteen, and exited quickly. I felt my clothes sag around me as I stepped into the downpour, feeling myself shrink. Luckily, I had been getting used to the effects of the process of transformation, and I kept my balance, breathing deeply as I readjusted the straps of my bag on my too small shoulders.

After looking around and making sure that no one had seen me, I quickly made my way towards the physics department of the university. I was glad to see that few people were standing outside in the rain, and that those who were wanted to get out as quickly as possible, making their way to their destinations without paying much attention to me.

As I entered the building, I looked around. The corridor was empty, with all the office doors closed. Feeling lucky, I quickly walked down the corridor to the stairs, and successfully got to the upper floor without attracting any attention. There, I stopped, realizing that I would have to cross the packed common room of this floor to get to the restrooms.

It was packed, obviously, as everyone was waiting to enter the lab. I discreetly turned around and went back down the stairs, so as to start looking for the restroom on the ground floor. After crossing a couple of less familiar corridors in a panicky state, I finally found one and entered quickly. It was empty, so I quickly went to the washbasins and ran the hot water. Just before I splashed myself with it, I looked into the mirror.

There, I saw the same blue eyes as ever, staring back at me from a small, disheveled figure. She may have been drenched from the rain and dressed up in huge, sagging, male clothing, but she was as beautiful as ever. I felt a strange pang in my gut as I realized that I didn't want to make this delicate creature vanish again. I felt torn between one part of me, which stared in love and wonder at her beauty, and another, which preferred to remain this female being anyway. But I knew I had to change, so I quickly splashed my face in scolding water, feeling Elise melt away once again.

As I quickly left the restroom, knowing I would probably be late for my lab, I suddenly realized that the sign on the door was female. Realizing that I had instinctively entered the ladies', I felt myself go red, unsure whether I was embarrassed because I had entered the women's' restroom, or because it had felt normal when I did so.

The next four hours didn't go so well, as I found it difficult to pay attention to my work. I repeatedly misadjusted the spectrometer during the measurements, and I knew that my lab partner was getting frustrated at me, but my mind kept going back to what I had felt when I had stared into Elise's eyes in the restroom. I was also uncomfortably aware of the continuous pattering of rain, which I could still hear from within the lab.

After a long and tortuous session, I finally left the lab, feeling the strain starting to wear me thin. I sat down in the common room, and waited for everyone to leave as I pretended to work on my notes. I eventually got up and left the building, stepping onto a seemingly empty campus, as the rain kept on pouring down from the heavens and made me into this angel.

Accepting my fate, I made my way to the bus stop and sat down, feeling exhausted. After a few minutes wait, I suddenly realized that a gruff, bulky man was sitting next to me. Looking around, I saw Henry smiling down at me, seemingly huge from my reduced position.

"So... How has your day been, Elise?" He asked, "Made any boyfriends yet?"

For some reason, this small bit of teasing broke me as I finally succumbed to the strain of all the uncertainty in my new life. I felt tears starting to roll my cheeks as I desperately tried not to sob. It seemed stupid and pointless. After all, nothing had gone truly wrong... But the accumulated insecurities and ambiguities of my situation had built up within me to the point where I could not hold them in anymore.

I closed my eyes, feeling myself starting to tremble as I cried, and soon I felt myself being enclosed in Henry's bear hug. As he held me, I sensed all my pent up worries and emotions slowly drain out of me, and I leant into him to take comfort from his presence.

"I'm sorry, Elise, I didn't mean to hurt you" Henry said, sounding ashamed.

"It's... It's not you" I whispered back, "It's just too much... This is all too much, Henry. I cannot deal with it all."

I fell silent, and held onto him, feeling progressively better as I flushed my tears out of my system, hearing him trying to comfort, reassure and encourage me in a soft tone. I didn't really register what he was saying, but as I listened to him, his voice eased my worries slightly, and I was thankful for it.

I soon felt a lot better, as well as very grateful towards Henry. He may not understand my problems, but he had been helpful throughout the experience, even despite himself and despite his nature. As I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek before disengaging, I realized that Erik would never have done this. More than that, Henry would never have hugged Erik... He would have found it too... 'Gay'...

Wondering whether the same thought had crossed Henry's mind, I looked up at him, only to see him smiling, with eyes conveying far more emotion than I would have thought possible. I hesitated for a few long instances as to what to do next, before the bus finally turned up. We clambered onto it and found ourselves some seats, where I collapsed, tugging at my wet and oversized clothes.

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