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A Dream of Empire Ch. 003

by WhimsicalRepertoire 01/14/18



Farport, Imperial County of Catriona

13th of Zenith, 1282 D.f.


Alanna and Talos had journeyed across the County of Catriona on horseback for the better part of three days, crossing the paved Imperial highway just yestermorn. The pair had briefly stopped in the town of Featherton to relay their sorrow of the lost woodmiller, and as well as a vague description of the events that had transpired that same day. They, of course, asked for no recompense for their actions.

Emmanuel had detached from the party in Featherton, giving them an outrageous excuse that a pair of loving maids waited for him to the south. In truth, he had only wanted to give Alanna and Talos some well-needed space during their vacation from home. Talos had given their address in Catriona to the bard, a future offering of drink and story if his path ever led him in that direction.

Alanna and Talos were now on the outskirts of Farport, a small town on the Catrionan coast.

Farport had an unfortunate history, being in the shadow of the great city of Catriona not forty miles to the south. In the pre-Imperial age, when the nations of humanity fought with one another, Farport had been an equally-powerful rival to the city of mages to the south. It's trade vessels sailed all across the world in that era, from the Empire of Masakrai in the far west to the fledgling colonies of Solais in the east. The King of Catriona had grown jealous of the successes of Farport, and had ultimately besieged and conquered the city a hundred years before the Empire had formed.

Remnants of its ancient splendor were obvious if one had a mind to look for it. The town was ringed with a large square foundation, a small jutting of stone all that was left of the thirty-foot-high walls that had once rested there. Gutted stone monoliths dotted the town between otherwise-unimpressive wooden buildings, their columns adorned with the capital letters of a language once-used.

The town, had, unfortunately, come unto ruin in the centuries since those temples and governmental buildings had been constructed. When Catriona agreed to join the Kingdom of Hayades in the establishment of the Empire, they had worked together to create the famed Imperial highway network. The limitless legionnaires of the Empire and the sorceresses of Catriona helped one another, to ensure each stone laid on that road would last a millenia.

And so the stones were laid; bypassing the town of Farport completely. Now that the town was a good day's ride from the Imperial highway, which was the main thoroughfare of all settlers and merchants, no one simply bothered to venture to Farport any longer.

But Talos hadn't brought Alanna here for a history lesson, of course, even if he'd originally wanted to mention all of this to her. Farport was the nearest settlement to his next destination, an abandoned elven ruin just nearby that had once been an imposing elven fortress. If Alanna had been absolutely amazed by the waterfall near Featherton, Talos feared she may literally melt at the wonderous sight of Dun Aysla.

"Oh, Dun Aysla! I've heard stories of that place," Alanna exclaimed out of absolutely no where, having read Talos' thoughts for the majority of their excursion.

"How can it compete with the wonder of the falls, though?" she asked the handsome man riding beside her, who had just grimaced and placed a hurried palm atop his face. Talos chided himself for letting the surprise slip through his thoughts. His hand eventually slid from his visage, and he replied a moment later.

"It's an island just off the coast, with some elven ruins on it. It's very pretty," Talos explained as nondescriptively as possible while hopefully maintaining her excitement. His words seemed to have the opposite effect, as Alanna had instantly pouted instead.

"An island? But Talos, you know I detest the sea."

"You only tried it once," Talos shrugged.

"And I hated it."

"Only 'cause you got sick."

"And I'll get sick again!"

The man groaned, rolling his eyes. "Alanna, you were carrying child," Talos replied, attempting to reassure the unhappy sorceress. "Besides, the journey will only take but a couple hours, even if you do."

"But..." Alanna whimpered.

"I swear it'll be worth it," Talos promised.

"Mmh," she whimpered once more, now meeting the man's gaze with pitifully-wide eyes.

Oh gods, not that look.

"Alanna," Talos complained.

"Talos..." Alanna whispered adorably before letting out an exaggerated sigh, knowing she would never get her way in the presence of his wanderlust. She conceded to him silently with a roll of her head, which the man responded to with a chuckle as the pair trode through town towards the docks. He spoke after a minute of silence.

"You know, sailors and locals alike say the isle is haunted," he said softly, giving the sorceress a quick wink.

Alanna giggled, knowing she nor he would believe that superstition, either. The closest thing to ghosts that she had ever seen were illusiory manifestations, jests played between sorceresses at the College of Catriona.

"It keeps the people away, at least, so we'll have plenty of privacy," Talos explained with a smirk. "You could moan as loudly as you'd like there."

Alanna blushed. "Will you give me a choice?" she asked quietly. Talos leaned towards his saddlebags, producing the second bottle of wine with a grin.

"Absolutely not," he promised.


Talos felt like a haughty lord this glorious afternoon as he strode along the docks of Farport. He had planned for this excursion for quite some time, and had prepared specifically for this very day.

No sailor would dare anchor at the island he had wanted to travel to; or if they would, they surely wouldn't return to pick he and Alanna up. Therefore, a man had to find his own vessel to make the short jaunt across the waves. He'd requested a good two-hundred golden Imperials from his lover Casiama several weeks ago, a truly massive sum to the man. To rent a decent waterside townhouse in Catriona would only require three golden Imperials a month, after all, while a warhorse could be purchased for no more than twenty if you haggled. Today he would purchase something just that much more expensive.

He looked over the many boats of the harbor, pursing his lips as his eyes traveled over the disheveled vessels in port. He could afford to be picky today with the size of his coinpurse, but feared he might not be granted the opportunity. That is, until he reached the far end of the docks.

A newer ship, only constructed in just the last year, was anchored there. It was a cog, a small trade vessel designed to carry only several sailors and a moderate amount of goods belowdecks. It had a small cabin at the aft of the vessel as well, a useful addition for anyone that didn't feel like sleeping outside.

Talos eventually found the owner of said vessel, named what he was willing to pay for it, and the offer was immediately met with acceptance. Talos should have bartered, but it wasn't his coin he was spending anyway. He and Alanna visited one of the carpenters next to get several horse stalls installed belowdecks, as well as have the carpenter construct a larger gangplank for simpler disembarkation from the vessel without the existence of a dock.

With their work done for the day, Alanna and Talos now retired to an inn, drinking away the rest of the night while they waited for their new ship to be finalized come the morn.

Being in public with the buxom sorceress was always a test of patience. It was nothing she did purposefully, of course; Alanna had a kind soul, and her actions usually followed suit. It was the fact that, each time a man gazed upon the sorceress, a lecherous thought would typically flow through their mind. This thought would be relayed to Alanna, who had a nasty predisposition to scan for these 'compliments' in the minds of those around her. This thought would be, in turn, be relayed towards Talos, assuming he was bothering to peer into her. Which he often did.

Talos had never been a jealous man. Sure, he would have loved to inherit the County of Evora growing up, but he was never jealous of his older brother. And perhaps the man had wanted to own the finest armor and equipment available, but simply didn't have the coin for it before recently.

Drinking with Alanna in public, however, made the man feel his first pangs of jealousy. Perhaps it was greed. Maybe possessiveness, or possibly a sick mixture of the three.

Alanna was just in the process of removing her travel jacket, allowing her chest to breathe easier through the thin linen of her red shirt. Her massive jugs bounced heavily as she lifted herself from the table, stretching their cloth prison obscenely as they did. Alanna regularly wore her clothes revealing enough to display more than a hint of cleavage, as enchantresses were accustomed to do, being the high-maintenance individuals that they were.

"Oh Talos, don't think like that," Alanna admonished him, plopping down onto the wooden bench once more and producing another lewd jiggle of her pair of distractions. "I wear it like this for you," she lied through her teeth, leaning over the table on her elbows to allow him to gaze upon her sensuous tits in most of their glory.

The action, again made good-naturedly, exposed Alanna's curvaceous ass and the folds of her womanhood to the remainder of the hall behind her, albeit concealed beneath her leather pants. Alanna sat back down after the sixth lustful comment was made of her posterior.

"How the fuck do you live like that, Alanna?" Talos smirked, taking a swig of the piss-poor ale the inn offered this night. The sorceress giggled bashfully.

"Like what, my love?" she asked flirtatiously, wanting him to say it aloud now that she was four drinks deep. Talos read this, sighing before he answered.

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