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A Family Gathering

by HeyAll 11/26/10

This is a spin-off to my other story entitled "Spying on My Mother." It's recommended that you read that story first, but if not, everything is clearly explained for you. Please enjoy.


I sat in the back seat of a car watching the snow fall as we headed towards the ski resort. We were going to a family gathering where my aunt and all my uncles and cousins from my mom's side of the family would be there.

I rode in the car with my step dad and mother. They've been married for nearly a year now, in which time, I've moved into my own apartment to be near my grad school, and they have moved into a place of their own.

My mom was very happy with her new life with him, and he's definitely a great guy. But whenever I see him, I can't help but think of what he doesn't know about his new bride; that his wife had a brief romantic relationship with her own son.

It started when they first began dating. By pure coincidence I was able to see my mother performing a sex act on him after a date. From that moment on, I could never think of my mother in the same way again. She went from being a motherly figure to becoming a sexual object which represented the ultimate taboo. I wanted more of her.

It reached the point where she found out that I was spying on her and our relationship had changed forever. It was tough for her when she found out, but she later she invoked the lesson learned by her sister Jackie that I would only keep spying on her unless I got what I wanted, so she reluctantly took me to her bed room and showed me her nude body. What she didn't count on was how much neither of us could fully stop things from escalating, and one thing lead to another, resulting in us having sex that night.

We continued this only once more on the night before her wedding. And after that, she put an end to all of it. She insisted that although she loved me, we could never be with each other in that way because her new life was now with her husband. And that was the end of it.


We arrived at the resort early along with Aunt Jackie and her family. We live nearby each other and see each other regularly, so it wasn't like we had a huge greeting. After we had settled into our rooms for a while, we meet again for drinks where we continued chatting.

As always, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off my Aunt Jackie as she was an extremely sexy 48 year old woman. She has this outgoing and fun personality that everyone enjoys being around. But what really has her turning heads and gets people going is how voluptuous her body is. Her breasts are just massive for her average body frame, along with a nice curvy round ass. She doesn't even try to hide it either with her tightly fit clothing either. Her long sassy brown hair adds to how attractive she is as well.

Just as the conversation at the table finished, we all headed off to do our own things. My mom headed back to her room for a quick nap. And the other guys decided they wanted to hit the ski slopes early.

To my surprise, as I neared my room to change my clothes, Aunt Jackie caught up with me and asked if we could have a brief private conversation.


"I'm so glad you and I can finally have some alone time together. I've been meaning to speak with you about something for quite a while now" Aunt Jackie said to me as she took a seat in my room.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, I know about you and your mother. She told me what happened..." she said with a huge grin.

I wasn't sure what she implying that she knew about our special relationship or something else. "What do you mean?"

"You spying on her, finding her pictures, your spending the night with her before the wedding. She told me about all of it. And frankly, I think the whole thing is so romantic, you know, two people in a forbidden relationship."

"Really?" I replied. "I'm surprised she would even mention a word of this to anyone since she was so up tight about making sure it only remained between us."

"I'm sure that was her intention, but I know my sister well. I knew she had just gotten laid when I went inside her hotel room on the day of her wedding. She tried to deny it of course, but she eventually had to admit it when I kept on persisting. And since her soon-to-be husband wasn't around, she finally admitted it was you. And believe me, I was able to pry ever little juicy detail I could" she said with a smile.

"Yeah, well it's definitely not something you hear about everyday" I told her.

"So are there any updates? Do you think there's any chance of you and her doing something again? I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the thought of the two of you together again. I find this whole thing so arousing."

"I can't say that there are unfortunately" I replied to her. "I think about the two nights we've shared together all the time. But at this point, I doubt anything would ever happen again. I've made a few attempts since and she wasn't having it. But like you said, you know how she is, she's got a good thing going with her husband and she doesn't want to mess that up- I can understand that."

"Well that's too bad" she said, looking disappointed.

"It is...What about you and your son Ronnie? Mom told me how you showed him your naked body to get him to stop spying on you. Is that still going on? And what did he see anyways? I've been dying to find out but my mom would never tell me."

"Ah, that. So we're discussing me now eh?" she replied with a sense of excitement. "But fair is fair I suppose. He walked in on his father screwing me from behind. Since then he kept trying to peep on me getting dressed or look down my shirt. It had gotten to the point where I figured I'd be better off just showing him the goods and getting it over with. And it worked, I don't have to look over my shoulder worrying about if I'm getting peeped on or not. But I still like to keep him satisfied from time to time. I find it kind of enjoyable actually."

"Really? Is that what I think it means?"

"No, we've never gone that far. I still show him my breasts sometimes be blunt...let him masturbate in front of me if I'm in a generous mood or if he's really pestering me about it. I'll admit I get a nice thrill from watching him stroke himself to me. His father doesn't know about any of this though, but if it gets me ready for him in bed on those nights, he shouldn't complain."

"Jeez, that sounds like a pretty damn good deal. I wish my mom was like that. And Ronnie's a lucky guy too since you've obviously got a lot to show" I said, looking down at my aunt's large breasts.

"Why thank you" she said as she blushed a little. "I'll tell you what, I know how much you miss being with your mother, and I could really sympathize with what you're going through, especially since you'll be seeing her a lot of with her husband these next few days. So if you want, I wouldn't mind helping you out a little with your needs. I've seen you checking out my boobs over the years, so maybe they could help get your mind off your mom while we're all at this resort together."

I was surprised by what she had just offered. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Only if you're interested of course" she said. "And you do look interested."

She didn't wait for me to respond as she already knew what the answer was. That's when she stood up from her chair and pulled her thick wool sweater over her head leaving her standing in her bra and jean pants. Her heavy set breasts were amazing to look at up close. It looked as if her bra was ready to snap at any moment because of how heavy her tits were.

She reached around back and unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. The moment her bra was undone, the weight of her breasts suddenly dropped down revealing her bare set of tits, which were well over d-cups. I was floored by the sight of her large sagging perfectly shaped round globes. She must have had some of the largest areolas I had ever seen on a woman, which were light brown and nearly 3 inches in diameter- not to mention her large brown nipples to top it all off.

"42 DD's. Do you like them?" she asked as she modeled them for me.

"I LOVE them...Jeez, I can't believe what I'm seeing. I've never seen a pair of tits like these in my life" I proclaimed to her.

"I'm glad you enjoy them...You don't have to be shy around me. You can take care of yourself now if you want to. I don't mind" she said looking down at the erection protruding through my pants.

I didn't reply. Instead, I just unzipped my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles along with my underwear, leaving me completely exposed. I slowly started masturbating looking directly at my aunt's chest.

She sat back down in her chair and continued watching me. "So there's the cock that's made my sister so happy. It looks really nice."

We continued this for the next few minutes where we each put on a show for each other; I jerked off my throbbing cock for her, and she squeezed and massaged her large breasts and nipples for me. The look on face showed how much of a thrill she was getting out of all this. We both got what we wanted. I got to finally see her large hanging breasts after years of fantasizing about them, and she got to be admired by another younger man besides her own son. We both had a thing for incest as well.

"I'm about to cum" I panted.

"Keep going...I want to see it" she replied as she continued to fondle herself for me.

A large stream of my cum shot into the air as I climaxed- then another, and then another. Her eyes widened as I came. It looked as if she lusted for more, but restrained herself to keep things from escalating. I kept stroking until there was nothing left. And after I finished, I collapsed on the bed for a moment, letting the feeling sink it for what I had just done with my aunt.

She wasted no time as she got up and began putting on her bra after my orgasm.

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