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A Family That Plays Together

by theo_minor 04/29/12

I borrowed the basic 'nudist' premise for this story, and the beginnings of the plotline, from a pair of stories that Cphucker wrote under his old pseudonym '_' -- 'Incest Is Best' and 'Nudity and Sex'. With his permission, I offer you a new story built on his original framework. In the interest of giving credit where it's due, the 'borrowed' parts appear in italics below. At any rate, I hope my readers will find this story suitably hot in its own right. . .


When I was growing up, my family were sort-of 'home nudists'. We never went to nudist camps, or nude beaches, or anything like that, but within the confines of our own home, we were all - me, my twin sister Molly, and our parents - naked around each other pretty much all the time. Molly and I joked that we played naked together for nine months in Mom's womb, and nothing had really changed since. Our family's nudity was no big deal for us; it wasn't sexual at all, it was just the way we were, and it felt very open and comfortable. I even felt kinda bad for my friends who had to wear clothes all the time.

It was easy enough to see that Mom had breasts, from which Molly and I had both nursed when we were babies. Both Dad and Mom had thick pubic hair around their genitals (it's hard to call them 'private parts', when we were naked around each other all the time), and Dad's body was just hairier all over than everyone else's. It was all very interesting, and I looked forward to the day when my body would look more like Dad's.

By the time Molly and I turned eighteen, we both had our full-grown bodies, with thick pubic hair just like Mom and Dad, and Molly's breasts were full and firm and round, just like Mom's. I started to experience feelings of sexual arousal at the sight of Mom's or Molly's nakedness, which might spontaneously cause me to get an erection. It was an odd sensation, and I really liked how it felt; but even so, I was a little embarrassed about it at first, and I hoped no-one noticed.

Of course, they did notice; but they weren't put off by my arousal in the least. One day Mom sat me down and told me that erections are perfectly normal and natural, and I shouldn't be ashamed. In fact, she said, it meant that I was becoming a man, and getting ready to have sex with a woman someday. That sounded even more exciting, so I tried not to worry about it so much. The next time Molly walked by, her firm young breasts bouncing and jiggling, I popped a huge stiffy. I know she saw it, but she acted like it was no big deal, like it was utterly normal, and she might even have expected it.

One time, when we were all having dinner together -- naked, as we always were -- Dad and Molly started teasing each other, and she playfully sat on his knee. Dad started to get hard, the first time I'd ever seen him get that way. Mom and Molly both teased him about it, and he laughed right along with them. So I didn't feel so odd about my own erections after that.

By then, as you might expect, I was a fairly frequent masturbator. It wasn't always easy, because we had pretty much of an 'open door' policy in our house. Mom and Dad didn't even have a lock on their bedroom door.

So, Mom or Molly might walk into my room at any time, without knocking. A few times, I was lying on my bed stroking away, and Mom came in with some laundry, or Molly came in to borrow something from me, and there I was, with my dick in my hand. They didn't seem to mind, though; they just apologized for interrupting me and went about their business -- "Oops, just let me set this here" or "Let me just grab this and I'll be out of here". They just accepted it as normal. Once Molly even watched as I climaxed, shooting my cum onto my own belly.

One time, I walked in on Molly masturbating, and that was when things really started to change. I opened her door and walked into her room, and there she was, fingering herself on the bed. Quickly, she closed her legs around her hand, while with her other hand she continued fondling her breast. She had a really nice pair of tits, firm and perky. Especially considering that she and Mom never wore bras.

"Oh," I said. "Sorry." I just stood there, looking at her.

She smiled. "That's okay."

I went to retrieve a CD she had borrowed, and saw that she was waiting for me to leave.

"Don't stop on my account," I said.

After a few seconds, while I took my time finding the CD, she began to fondle her breast again. When I turned, she had resumed fingering herself, but not as actively. I stood there watching her for a moment, and I was beginning to get hard.

"Look at you," she teased. "Am I turning you on?"

"A little," I said, a bit embarrassed.

Molly opened her legs very sensually, licked her lips, and began slowly massaging her mound. She was such a tease.

"You think you're the only one who gets off when you're alone?" she said. "I always know when you're jerking off in your room, you know."

I laughed nervously. "How often do you do it?"

She shrugged, propping herself up on her elbows. Her breasts were pushed out, giving me a very pleasing view of her delightful young rack.

"A couple times a week," she said casually. "Why?"

"Just curious. Has Mom ever seen you?"

"Sure, she knows I do it. She knows we both do. It's normal."

I sat on the edge of her bed. I was used to the sight of her naked body, and quite delightfully so. But this was different; we were both aroused. I was still hard, and I could smell the rich scent from her sex. Her arousal wasn't fading.

"If it's normal," I said calmly, "then why are we doing it separately, in private?"

She smiled, knowing where I was going with this. She cocked her head. "What are you saying?" she asked, playing along.

"I dunno; maybe we could help each other out."

She ran her hand up and down my chest, causing me to let out a moan.

"What if Mom sees us?" she asked. "What do you think she'd do?"

We were a very open family, to the point of intimate. I didn't really think Mom would mind, but right then, we weren't just a pair of horny teenagers getting themselves off behind closed doors. I loved my sister very much, but this was beyond sibling intimacy. This was sexual. I could see the lust in her eyes. She wanted to see me get off as much as I wanted to see her.

I began to stroke my dick, and she resumed rubbing her pussy. I felt like I was going to cum very soon, so I relaxed and enjoyed the sight of Molly playing with herself. Her eyes were glued to my erection as she diddled herself. With her free hand, she played with her tits, pulling at her nipples. When she started to tense up, I stroked myself even more urgently.

Molly groaned and threw her head back, and I knew she was having an orgasm. She whined and bucked her hips, and her breathing was erratic while she climaxed. By the time she finished, it was all I could do to keep from squirting my load all over her bed. She breathed deeply and looked down at me.

"You didn't come?" she asked in surprise. She scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. "C'mon -- shoot your. . . stuff on my stomach."

She put her legs on either side of me and pulled me to her until our groins almost touched. My balls were sliding against her cunt-lips as I jerked off. When she touched my chest, I couldn't take it anymore. I grunted and released my semen onto her. Molly smiled, and giggled in delight as I shot ropes of my cum onto her flat stomach. When I was finished, five wet trails of my sperm crisscrossed each other on her tits and her belly. She rubbed it around on herself, and even scooped up a fingerful to taste it.

"I've never seen it this close before," she said. "It tastes kinda salty."

I sat back and sighed, taking in the sight of her naked body with my cum all over it. She smiled as her eyes met mine.

"That was fun," she said, tugging at my dick. "What next?"

"How about dinner?" came a voice from the doorway.

Our heads spun around to see Mom standing naked in the doorway, casually rubbing her own pussy. She smiled as she saw our guilty expressions.

"Come on, you two. Your father is waiting."

Mom left, and I just stared at Molly. Molly got up and cleaned herself off. Then we both wandered out to the kitchen.


We ate dinner without a word about what had happened. I don't think Mom told Dad, because he didn't act any differently, but Molly and I exchanged looks every once in a while, and Mom seemed to enjoy our uneasiness. When we were finished, Dad went to the living room. Mom told Molly and me to wait.

"I haven't told your father yet," she told us. "But I want to let you know that we'll be discussing things soon."

My heart sank. Molly and I looked guiltily at each other. This was not gonna be good.

"Oh, now don't get all worried," Mom reassured us. "There's nothing wrong with what you were doing. It's all perfectly normal and natural."

Molly and I both heaved heavy sighs of relief. "You mean, you don't mind if we. . . you know. . . get each other off?"

Mom continued. "Heavens, no!" she exclaimed. "It's just time -- past time, really -- that your father and I brought you up to speed on sex. Have the two of you had sex together yet?" I noted, with some surprise, that she said 'yet', as if she expected that we had. Or at least, that we would.

"Uh. . . no, we haven't."

"Oh!" said Mom, acting surprised. "I thought you would have by now. That's why I've had Molly on the pill for the past two years." Molly and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Well, will you do this for me? Don't have sex with each other until I have a chance to talk with Dad. In the meantime, feel free to play with yourselves to your heart's content."

I was stunned by Mom's words. Far from telling us to stop, she was giving us permission -- heck, encouraging us -- to continue, so long as we didn't actually fuck each other until she got back to us. I looked at Molly; she was grinning from ear to ear. I started to get hard, thinking about the fun that lay in store for us, that our own mother was encouraging us into.

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